Naomi Campbell eats one meal a day to stay slim

Naomi Campbell eats one meal a day to stay slim

The famous model Naomi Campbell is now 50 years old, and despite her statuesque physique, she has revealed that she is on a diet to maintain her physical shape.

For some years now, the regime that the super model follows has been that of the Warrior’s Diet, but in a peach-vegetarian key.
The Warrior Diet, which I have discussed here , is a regimen that involves only one meal per day.
In fact, Campbell would have revealed to the conductor Dan Wootton of the “Lorraine Show” that she follows a particular form of intermittent fasting, where she just has a few hours a day in which to be able to eat. But there is more. The Jamaican-born personal chef who has been looking after her diet for over ten years recently revealed what she cooks for her.

Basically, here’s what Naomi Campbell would do to keep her physique.

I chose to talk about it on Dcomedieta because the method explained by the model proved to be scientifically effective both in weight control and in improving many metabolic parameters. Stable blood sugar, less cholesterol, less triglycerides.


This is how Naomi Campbell’s diet has been composed for a few years.

  • Five days a week, eat what you feel like eating. In these five days a week the only rule that follows is to not eat for 14 hours straight. A similar thing can be done for example by setting meals from ten in the morning to twenty in the evening, where at ten you start eating, by twenty you finish. Or from eleven to twenty-one. Or from noon to ten. During the 14 hours of absence from food, you can drink only water, tea and herbal teas without sugar.
  • In the case of the model, however, there are restrictions: no meat, no gluten, no cheese. Instead, yes to snacks of fruit, vegetables and low-fat yogurt, plus a full meal a day with vegetables and very spicy white fish, often preceded by a broth or vegetable soup. Spices are a must for Campbell. She loves spicy dishes.
  • Two non-consecutive days a week maximum, Naomi would follow the Warrior Diet.
    In this case, she only drinks fruit and vegetable juices, herbal teas and tea all day long. Depending on how she feels, she can only do it for one day and up to two days per week. This is to purify. No solid food except for one meal a day, always prepared by her personal chef and similar to that of other days, even when she is traveling.
  • Finally, it is important for her that the meal is fresh, healthy and simple. Grilled fish and spiced vegetables, salads, fruit. She also dictates it when she goes to a restaurant. She doesn’t trust what she finds on the menus.
    She never eats anything on the menu.

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