Does coffee make you lose weight? pros and cons

Does coffee make you lose weight? pros and cons

Today I want to talk to you about a food that is a bit of a cross and a delight for many people, namely coffee. What are its benefits in the diet? And coffee makes you lose weight or hinders weight loss. In this article I will reveal to you everything there is to know about coffee and you have never dared to ask.


As we know, coffee contains caffeine , a substance also present in tea, although in this case it is called “theine”, but it is precisely the same active ingredient. We also find it in cocoa, mate, cola (from which the famous Coca-Cola drink was originally created), guarana.

Caffeine is an alkaloid, and like all alkaloids it is called a “nerve substance” because it acts on the nervous system, as a stimulant. In addition to this, coffee contains potassium, magnesium and vitamin B3 in the form of niacin, but also choline , while its calories are negligible (two per 100 grams).

The action of coffee on weight loss is known: acting as a stimulant and reducing blood sugar, it stimulates lipolysis or the use of fats for energy purposes. However, this should not make us think that its “fat burning” effect leads to real weight loss, because it does not.

All substances that stimulate lipolysis have a stressful effect on our body.

In fact, the benefits of coffee on weight loss are not determined by its lipolytic action per se: but by its thermogenic action, acting on UCP , a particular type of protein that favors cellular mitochondrial capacity. In fact, coffee would have a positive effect on brown fat , which is that “active” fat that raises the metabolism helping the body to generate heat, and which, although scarcely present in adults, is greater in thin people and almost absent in those who are heavily overweight. If you can stimulate brown fat, some adipocytes can brown and convert into this type of fat, reducing the white fat that we call “flab”.
But it doesn’t stop there. 

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