Let’s go to the discovery of MSI’s pre-assembled Desktop PC, the Infinite A, which combines a futuristic aesthetic with an excellent choice of components

Space, the final frontier. We are not exactly on the Enterprise, but on planet Earth, ready to review an MSI preassembled PC, the Infinite A. Why then the space? Because as you will see continuing, we find ourselves in front of a really aesthetically beautiful, futuristic Desktop, with references to the canons of science fiction. But is there only this or more?


Externally the PC comes with a solid colored cardboard box, naturally marked with every possible logo and name. Inside the PC it is wrapped in an envelope and stopped by polyester blocks, the best solution to keep a PC still. The presence of an additional glass panel is interesting, useful for showing off all the internal components in the best way.


Once switched on, the MSI Infinite A shines with its RGB band capable of highlighting fake circuits from the front, almost like a spaceship. Everything is of course manageable through the Mystic Light application . On the front we find a power button, while on the side we have the audio inputs, a USB 3.1-C port, a 3.1-A and a classic USB 2.0. There is also an HDMI port for virtual reality.

MSI Infinite A


Once the glass panel is mounted, the Desktop also shines with its own light inside, thanks to the characteristic red LEDs. Let’s find out more about all the important specifications.

  • CPU : Intel Core i7 8700 3.2 GHz
  • HDD : 2TB
  • SSD : Optane 16GB + 2.5 ″ SSD 128 GB
  • RAM : 8GB
  • GPU : GTX 1060 6G OCV1, DDR5 6GB


We have tested the MSI Infinite A under many aspects: in the first instance, during gaming sessions, with more or less demanding games. The Desktop performed well with both titles like Rainbow Six Siege and something light like Hearthstone. Also worthy of running games like The Witcher 3, naturally not at the highest resolution and prowess, thanks to a not too high-end GPU.

In terms of work, the I7 shines with its multitasking capability and makes it easy to use graphics and video applications, allowing you to manage many tasks together without pushing too much CPU power or heat.

Finally, the fact that the computer is practically a classic tower – naturally customized in all respects – makes this choice an excellent solution for those who have to buy a new PC, want security (which MSI knows how to give) but want to keep it open. to possible additions / improvements over the years to come. In short, assembling a PC with these characteristics would not cost much less to get it ready than ready, with the difference that you would have a Desktop capable of really attracting attention, with the difference that in the moment of need it will be able to contract its muscles and show you some truly high-end performance.

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