For some time now MSI, a well-known company dedicated to the production of high-level computers (gaming and otherwise), has opened up to the world of peripherals.

For some time now MSI, a well-known company dedicated to the production of high-level computers (gaming and otherwise), has opened up to the world of peripherals. For the occasion we tried the Vigor GK80 keyboard, an RGB mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Silver Switch and palm rest.


In terms of packaging, care can be seen from the beginning: the package is well structured, and contains in addition to the peripheral, also various spare keys, a hook to remove them from the keyboard and various documentation to make the best use of the peripheral.

MSI Vigor GK80


The peripheral is very resistant, solid and shows itself with an aluminum upper plate, which gives further resistance to the keyboard. Below there are the usual plastic feet to keep it tilted. Also present in the package is a palm rest not too comfortable, but useful if you will be at the PC a lot (whether for leisure or work).

The keyboard uses two USB ports , connected with a high quality 2 meter canvas cable, thus generating RGB lighting. Rest assured though, the keyboard itself will generate a rear USB port, useful for inserting a USB stick at speed and using its contents inside.

Finally, there are media keys, useful for managing everything directly from the keyboard without using other commands.


Let’s find out every single detail of this keyboard.

  • Dimensions : 4450 x 1420 x 420 mm
  • Weight : 1055 g
  • Switch : Cherry MX RGB Silver Switch
  • Clicks : more than 50 million

The resistance, combined with the thousand features dedicated to gaming, makes this  MSI Vigor GK80 a great choice if you want to dedicate yourself to competitive gaming: the ability to customize every single key makes it useful under every occasion, allowing you to choose which keys to give priority to.


Starting with the worst things, the media buttons are not in the best of positions: this makes them not very useful (at least easily), almost forcing you to favor other commands. The software, on the other hand, excels in many aspects, allowing you – in addition to the customization of colors – to set up macros easily. Furthermore, if your PC is equipped with MSI motherboards or video cards, you can manage them directly with the Fn commands, allowing you to change profiles with the simple press of a button.

MSI Vigor GK80

Moving on to the switches, these Cherry MX Silver are faster than the standard, making this keyboard suitable for games where alertness is required. Conversely, if you find yourself typing a lot of words in a short time, you may run into runaway letters in your documents, which is not too welcome. On the other hand, the noise of the switch is very low, making it not very boring in comparison to others.


The keyboard is now available at a price of 170 €, slightly lower than the original but very suitable for purchase. With this figure you take home a piece capable of adapting to any type of game, also giving you an effective advantage over those where reaction speed is required.

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