Razer officially announces Razer HyperSense, an ecosystem of haptic-based gaming devices designed to deliver an experience …

Razer officially announces Razer HyperSense, an ecosystem of haptic-based gaming devices designed to deliver a smooth, high-fidelity experience for superior gaming immersion.  Razer HyperSense takes advantage of the position of each device in a traditional onegaming setup to offer immersion and 360-degree tactile feedback that allow gamers to hear explosions to their right, enemies approaching behind them, or an impending frontal attack. It integrates advanced haptic technologies developed by Lofelt, SUBPAC and others. Razer HyperSense intelligently triggers devices to deliver high-fidelity feedback based on positional audio or specific sound cues such as the impact of a hammer, the hiss of a rocket launcher, or the blowing of a gust of wind from left to right. This combination of ambient audio and more immediate sounds around a game character will provide full 360-degree immersion.

In addition, the company has communicated the compatibility of Amazon Alexa with its devices through Razer Synapse 3, an ever-growing Internet-of-Things platform with millions of active users. The company also announces that the Razer Chroma Connected Devices Program launched last June at Computex 2018 is now officially in effect with 15 new partners. This means that there are over 300 devices currently compatible with Razer Chroma-enabled applications and games. Voice control of gaming hardware via Alexa will be made possible thanks to Razer Synapse 3, the unified configuration tool. Users will be able to talk through Razer headphones and microphones to control compatible devices. Razer Chroma, for example, the technology that offers in-game lighting synchronized with mice, keyboards, headphones and other hardware, can be controlled by voice via Alexa. The latter’s integration with Synapse 3 also allows Razer users to control Philips Hue ambient lighting, access tens of thousands of skills and more – hands-free, simply with Razer devices equipped with microphones.

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