Motivated in times of crisis. Interview with Carla Baghino and Gianluca Breschi of Professional Trainer

Motivated in times of crisis. Interview with Carla Baghino and Gianluca Breschi of Professional Trainer

How to get in touch with your personal resources even in times of crisis. We talk about it with Carla Baghino and Gianluca Breschi of Professional Trainer.

Motivated in times of crisis.  Interview with Carla Baghino and Gianluca Breschi of Professional Trainer

Let’s try to understand what it means to take care of ourselves and hold our own goals in high regard. How were we taking care of a plant?

Gianluca : “Taking care of us means, first of all , becoming aware of our essence and the reason why we are on this earth, or our mission. We need to understand how to relate to natural energies , check what makes us feel good, what are the most appropriate places and activities for us and eliminate everything that is wrong for us. Following the similarity of the plant, to grow we need a suitable place and with the right degree of exposure to the sun, an adequate fertilizer and of a continuous watering. The weeds must be eradicated, if we cut them on the surface they will grow back even more luxuriant. “

Carla : “Of course, all this is even more true in hard times like the ones we are experiencing. It is especially in times of crisis that we need to be motivated, our greater awareness and serenity will allow us to make choices more calmly and also to find the time and the way to lend a hand to others. This is possible when we know who we are and what we want , we will be so strong that nothing can disturb us. This is why we invented ‘LifeMaster – You in the center’ , our cycle of experiential seminars which allows people to find their core and generate the energy necessary for personal and professional success. 

Recede in te ipsum wrote Seneca to Lucilius. How important is it to be alone to be better with others? 

Gianluca: “I would say that it is fundamental. Being alone means visualizing our deeper ‘self’ and perceiving our internal energy, which is immense and indestructible. Everything we need, we have it inside us, it is less It is useful to look elsewhere. When we are ‘accepted’, ‘forgiven’ and ‘liberated’ we will be able to give much more to others “

Carla: “It is on the basis of these beliefs that we have introduced elements of yoga and meditation in our courses, in order to favor the process of introspection …” 

When did the idea for the Studio Professional Trainer project come about ? 

Gianluca: “I worked as a trainer for multinationals such as Nokia, Apple, 3 and so on. Carla, who is my wife, worked for a long time as a sales manager at a training school. Together we created Studio Professional Trainer that deals with experiential training and coaching for companies and individuals who want to improve their lives. We have a passion for Neuro Linguistic Programming and we are the first to put it into practice. However we have always considered it a technique and, as such, we believe that can have a strong effect when it is supported by a large base of awareness and spirituality. 

One summer, while we were in the splendid natural setting of Sardinia, there was an illumination, especially from the point of view of our soul … we understood and realized how ancient practices of yoga and meditation in general could help us to ” become “ourselves and live life with simplicity and naturalness. Thus the idea of “You at the Center” came to life , that is a practical-spiritual path that, on the path of inner awareness, allows people first of all to feel good about themselves and with others and then to obtain important results. .

We were the first to experience all this. Then we did some experimental groups and the results of the participants were significant in terms of recovering the relationship with themselves, identifying talent and their potential , clarity of objectives, effective communication, people’s ability to reactivate their energies. doze off and channel your energies effectively. And here we are! ” 

Mennea has recently left us and on the notice board of Studio Professional Trainer you have posted this beautiful sentence: “I have won a lot as an athlete, but you cannot live on memories. Every day you have to reinvent yourself, have projects and ambitions. Therefore, every day I have so many ideas and dreams that I want to realize. ” Is losing dreams like withering away? 

Gianluca: “Of course, even dreams must be constantly cultivated and renewed. Very often we continue to think in a static way about that dream we had as children and its failure to fulfill it turns into remorse or nostalgia for the past. Dreams can also be created. continuously, we can imagine exciting new goals and move our lives by continually giving us “an excuse” to do better. 

Carla: “In this sense, coaching and NLP provide exceptional stimuli, they help to visualize the future and activate important energies”.

What does it mean to take your life in hand?

Gianluca: “It means ‘awakening’ and making it authentic , leading it in the direction we want, free from conditioning as much as possible.”

Let’s play’. I ask you to indicate, in order of increasing importance, the factors that make a person whole, in your opinion: – Being in contact with girls and boys; – To be in contact with nature; – Stay simple; – Stay honest. 

Gianluca: I associate the word ‘whole’ with the terms ‘complete’ and ‘intact’ , so it reminds me much more of the purity of children . 

Carla: On the other hand, I put simplicity, nature and children in an increasing sequenceWith the term ‘integrity’ I think a lot more about being honest, especially with yourself.   

What image do you have of young people in Italy? Do you feel them unmotivated and lacking in energy reservoirs?

Gianluca: “I agree that today’s young people are low in energy. The fact is that young people have to overcome the limits that society places on them. Our future depends on how much we can imagine it and how willing we are to believe you can generate it directly. 

As a famous commercial put it … ‘only those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, really change it’ “. 

Carla:  “I see young people in great difficulty, extremely fragile at a motivational level.”

One of the coaches of Studio Professional Trainer , Antonietta Giuntoli, is an expert in Ultramind ESP System-Josè Silva, for the development of intuitive thinking. What is it about?

Carla: “This is a very important skill that our colleague uses in her ” Method5 “, a coaching path for middle and high school students , with the aim of helping students to orient themselves and discover their natural talent.

Among the qualities you are looking for in freelance teachers for Professional Trainer there are originality, clarity of objectives and … the ability not to take yourself too seriously. Is the latter a gift that you consider innate or can it be acquired?

Gianluca: “It is certainly a personal quality that is acquired by accepting oneself as one is, behaving in an assertive and natural way . Our teachers must be facilitators and motivators , they must not affirm irrefutable truths as teachers did. 

A book that, in your opinion, anyone should have on their nightstand, especially when disdain is around the corner. 

Gianluca: “Without a doubt ” The power of now “ by Eckart Tolle , a great contemporary spiritual master .”

Carla: a book to read in my opinion is “The eight human talents” by Gurmukh Kaur , from a very pleasant and profound approach to yoga. 


Between always staying on top and staying more or less always in balance, many would choose the first option, without thinking about it. But isn’t the search for a constant energetic balance more beautiful and full of life? 

Carla: “Without a doubt! Always staying at the top could also become boring over time. The goals achieved are also the result of alternating more or less pleasant moments.” 

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