5 books for the winter to know yourself

5 books for the winter to know yourself

From Jung to Michael Ende’s little Momo, passing through our cells and the way we experience sexual pleasure. Here are five titles that can introduce you to an unparalleled winter, in the name of the desire to know yourself with great passion and enthusiasm

5 books for the winter to know yourself

Well, as the year comes to what is conventionally referred to as a term, we want to remember that inner time has little to do with the Gregorian calendar.

Many of you surely have deadlines of the soul that are independent of the time of the holidays, whether they are felt with pleasure or felt as impositions for a joyful marketing triumph.

To regain your time and yourself, there is nothing better than diving into a book and staying away from perfumes, packages, trinkets, lights, presumed obligations of family calls for a while.

We would like to give you some reading ideas for the soul , suggesting 5 books that have something to do with inner well-being and the expansion of personal vision.

Take great care of your days, of your spirituality, no matter how annoying or putting you in a good mood at Christmas.

1. Momo , Michael Ende

Time . _ What do we know about the weather? Are we wondering how much we dedicate to pure and naked play? To inventions, stories, fairy tales, projects.

This book was written by the historical author of the trilogy “The Neverending Story” and we recommend it for two reasons: to return to the warm heart that lives there and to dream, which never hurts, indeed.

There is also a third reason. By reading this book you will enter the present, in this compromise whereby producing without stopping cannibalizes the sound that the soul can produce, the sound, the sounds, as precious as they are colorful. How long can talents survive in the face of the laws of an impersonal and calculating economy? What is the difference between killing time and dying inside for not being able to have it at all?

How important it is to tell and tell and play. remain in simplicity and play, share, feel part of a community. It is a children’s book but we assure you that, once finished, this splendid text could give you the boost you need to make those choices you never dared to make.

Recommended if: you need the ideal push to change and go towards your nature. These pages may ask the heart to review something essential: how you spend your time.

2. Biology of Beliefs , Bruce Lipton

This text by Bruce Litpon , a famous American cell biologist, will leave you with the exquisite desire to broaden the views on the thoughts you produce in every moment. THE

The text has as its reference point the theories of the French biologist Jean Baptiste de Lamarck and his idea of ​​evolution and is combined with the biology of systems and the currents of thought that promote the concept of “instructive” and cooperative interaction between organisms.

In other words? “Beliefs control biology” as the author himself states. The text is divided into three sections: the biology of perception, the psychology of change, the power of love. In summary, thought and the environment influence the behavior of cells.

Recommended if: you want to leave home a bit of disempowering beliefs about yourself and reflect on how the environment in which you have chosen to stay is populated by people who value and respect you for all your potential.

Here are 3 reading tips for your spirituality

3. Sensuality and sexuality , Lise Bourbeau

What does giving pleasure have to do with being aware of your breathing? What is the relationship between sexual appetite and awareness of one’s being in the world, the definition of personal goals?

This text helps to decode many beliefs about sex that limit us and limit our experience to penetration. The author founded in 1984 the first personal development center with the name of ” Ecoute ton corps” and in 1987 she published a book with the same title, Listen to your body , which became a world bestseller and within a dozen for years it has sold over 300,000 copies in the French version alone.

Recommended if: You are questioning the ways in which you ask and give pleasure.

4. Man and his symbols , Carl Gustav Jung

What is the matter with Jung to advise you in the middle of winter? But yes, he himself, with a classic, a milestone, a very important text for your psychological well-being, which contains everything and which can illuminate so much.

In fact it is the last work of Jung but the only one of an expressly popular nature and therefore it can be a valid introduction to his thought. What is the collective unconscious, how does it manifest itself, what characterizes the four fundamental functions of the individual (thought, feeling, sensation, intuition)? What are archetypes and why can they be said to be weakened in this era? What does it mean that these archetypes manifest their presence through symbolic images ?

Recommended if: you want to introduce yourself to Jung’s thought and / or you are thirsty to go deeper.

And finally we recommend the text of a publishing house of friends, the madmen (in the sense of the tarot) of Spazio Ininterno .

5. My sacred space, Paola Germani

We have already talked about this text and here we direct you to the interview with the author who made us enter her personal sacred space.

In fact, even today, even today, it is useful for a woman (but also for a man, of course) to read the small text of a woman who took and moved towards herself through the journey.

The text is also a good source of exploration for those who want to better understand various energy techniques , from aura soma to reiki, up to the transpersonal dimension of holotropic breathing .

Recommended if: you are looking for the courage to take a plane ticket and / or are lost in the sea of ​​alternative therapies.


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