Mindful eating: how to reduce hunger by eating

Mindful eating: how to reduce hunger by eating

What is mindful eating? And how can it help us reduce hunger?

Similar to intuitive eating , mindful eating is a method of eating less by self-regulating with food and trying to establish a better relationship with both your body and nutrition.

I was inspired by the site Summertomato.com, by neuroscientist Darya Rose , which offers numerous ideas to make peace with food and with your body and manage weight without stress.

Compared to intuitive eating, mindful eating has no rules to follow, but a handbook with a series of tips for those who no longer want to be on a diet but do not even want to get fat.
Indeed, he would like to find a criterion for eating in a healthier and more conscious but also “peaceful” and serene way, without excessive control over calories and food. In fact, this control increases stress and leads many people to periods of nervous hunger, an “emotional” relationship with food and yo-yo diets.

Let’s see together how it is possible to decrease hunger with a greater awareness of how and how much we eat.


  • Slows.

    Does the weight not go in the direction you want and you don’t feel in control of your body?
    Try to slow down the stress you feel about food and diets. From breakfast to dinner to snacks, start by eating more slowly and organizing your meals around a single dish, composed like this: half vegetables (or fruit, in the case of breakfast), for a quarter cereals or starches (pasta, rice , potatoes, grains, baked goods such as bread or crackers) for a quarter of proteins (meat, fish, legumes, low-fat dairy products).
    Initially choose a flat plate with a maximum diameter of 25 cm (for breakfast: 20 cm). Season with a tablespoon of oil or butter (normal or oilseed, almond, hazelnut, etc.)

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