Diet for water retention: the 3 day scheme

Diet for water retention: the 3 day scheme

Are you swollen or swollen, the belt tightens you, the wedding ring or other rings squeeze your fingers, causing a red halo below, towards the palm? If you press a finger against your legs or belly, doesn’t the imprint disappear immediately? Have you gained a pound without knowing why and have bags under your eyes?

These and other symptoms are typical of a state of water retention. Starting from a plan developed by the nutritionists of doctor Oz and by coach Jen Widerstrom (in the photo) , I propose you a diet for water retention which, followed for one to three days, allows you to get rid of the weight caused by the water you are holding back.


All with two excellent recipes for natural drains for water retention, rich in potassium.
This will deflate one or two pounds caused by retention.


Who is it suitable for? To those who suffer from all the above symptoms. Or he overindulged on alcohol or carbohydrates the day before, to those who are prey to stress and constipation after a trip.

A strong coffee, a glass of natural draining (click here  for the recipe) or Sassy Water , a bruschetta made with a slice of toasted rye or wholemeal bread on which we spread a slice (30-40 gr) of ripe avocado with a level teaspoon of oil or a ripe tomato instead of avocado. During the day: drink the natural draining agent.

200 gr of boiled cannellini beans (boiled weight) with a teaspoon of oil and one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice, half a stick of celery cut into thin slices, a handful of parsley, a little salt and pepper. One medium to large sliced ​​cucumber. A kiwi at the end of a meal or 100 grams of blueberries. A decaf.

A raw fennel with a drizzle of olive oil or 100 grams of green olives.
 + A banana tea
It is obtained by taking a whole banana and cooking it in 250 ml of water in pieces, including the peel but not the black parts at the edges. Essential that the banana is organic and untreated: cook the mixture for ten minutes, let it cool and drink with a sprinkle of cinnamon. Use banana pulp for other recipes.

As an alternative to tea, the famous slimming drink from the coach of which you can find the recipe here. 

150 gr of grilled chicken breast with sautéed vegetables with a teaspoon of olive oil: a choice of asparagus, spinach, fennel, coppery onions or a mix.
Steaming vegetables and raw dressing are also good. Instead of chicken: two eggs or a fillet of white fish of your choice (100-200 gr raw). A 25 gram slice of toast.
Lunch and dinner can be reversed.

After dinner: a natural low-fat yogurt (100 gr), also Greek, with 50 grams of banana in pieces.


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