Dark spots on the skin, the main causes

Dark spots on the skin, the main causes

Dark spots on the skin can depend on very different causes, hormonal changes, photoaging, pathologies related to excretory organs. In any case, the skin signals an imbalance that we can face both topically and organically.

Dark spots on the skin, the main causes

The dark spots that appear on the skin of young or old people can be attributed to various causes, generally linked to the alteration of melanocytes , the cells that control and produce melanin with consequent discoloration of the skin with dark or light patches.

The root causes of spots on the skin are of various kinds:

Skin aging : the so-called age spots that often appear on the hands and face are called senile lentigo and the causes are primarily due to the passage of time and cellular decay due to free radicals . The production of melanin becomes irregular and the pigmentation suffers the consequences with forms of hyperpigmentation in some areas. This is associated with the action of the sun and its radiations with a photoaging mechanism, the oxidation of keratin , and a thickening of the skin.

Solar radiation : UV rays can cause damage to our skin if not carefully protected, including spots, unsightly elements, which can appear on the face and are light, nutty in color. They are called solar lentigos and once they appear they can be irreversible, diminish if not exposed to the sun and subsequently exacerbate.

Pathologies : often problems affecting the liver , intestines and adrenal glands manifest on the skin the imbalances that create, with the appearance of spots on the face and body, sometimes reddish and sometimes darker.

Hormonal conditions: when hormonal imbalances occur due to multiple factors such as pregnancy or menopause or the intake of estrogen-based drugs , melanocytes can modify the production of melanin, with macular alterations. Often, in fact, during pregnancy there are spots on the face which will then be reabsorbed once the nine months have elapsed.

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Natural remedies for dark spots

Unfortunately there are no magical solutions that can erase dark spots on the skin, beyond dermodepigmentation with lasers or chemical peels, but in nature we can find some remedies that help to alleviate skin discoloration without being aggressive and if used for a long time they are able to provide good results.

Licorice : it acts on tyrosinase , the enzyme responsible for the production of melanin , inhibiting its activity, and therefore modulating the poor distribution of the pigment. On the market there are specific liquorice-based creams that can be applied day and night, often enriched with a protection factor against the sun’s rays.

Green tea : acts like licorice, as a tyrosinase inhibitor , and can be applied to the face as a tonic after cleansing. Green tea is also an excellent antioxidant.

Chamomile : the eudermic properties of chamomile are well known and in the case of dark spots on the skin it acts as a protective factor against the stimulation of melanin by UV rays, as it counteracts the protein molecules of the cytokines that produce melanin in response to the stress of the rays solar. 

Lemon : the citric acid contained in the lemon has a lightening action . It is found in many hand and face preparations. Lemon also works very well in the case of acne-prone skin spots, as it revitalizes the tissues, has an absorbent and astringent activity.

Detox remedies : in the event that the spots are manifestations of imbalances of important excretory organs such as the liver, but also kidneys or adrenal glands and intestines, we can activate some detoxifying remedies linked to the season.

The classic phytocompounds based on dandelion , artichoke and milk thistle act on the functions of the liver and purify it. Probiotics can help enrich good bacterial flora and strengthen the immune system.

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