Male masturbation: how to keep sperm healthy

Male masturbation: how to keep sperm healthy

Even the scientific data at our disposal confirms this: there are many pros of masturbation while there is no evidence against: men who ejaculate 21 or more times a month have a third less risk of developing prostate cancer by producing more sperm ” agile “and therefore, more fruitful.

Male masturbation: how to keep sperm healthy

A meta-analysis carried out by the Hebrew University and Mount Sinai Medical School revealed that in just under forty years the number of spermatozoa has decreased by more than 50% .

By examining and cross-referencing the data of 185 studies carried out between 1973 and 2011 , the researchers noted that sperm counts dropped dramatically from 99 million / ml in 1973 to 47 million / ml in 2011.

And the National Register on Medically Assisted Procreation of the Higher Institute of Health confirms these numbers for Italy. Does this mean that men will become sterile if they tend ?

Experts reassure : as long as the sperm density does not drop below 15 million per milliliter, there is no need to worry. But it is important that there is a greater attention to the well-being of the male reproductive system . Starting with masturbation .


Male masturbation, a key to health

Yes, masturbation can be the key to male health . Or rather, one of the keys. To keep the male reproductive system healthy, a healthy lifestyle is essential, which includes a balanced diet, regular sports activity, the avoidance of risky behaviors (from smoking, to unprotected sex which can lead to contracting sexually diseases. transmissible, to alcohol abuse, to improper habits such as keeping the smartphone in your trouser pocket), but it has been scientifically proven that autoeroticism has its own specific functionality .

Several years ago the biologist Jane Waterman of the University of Central Florida revealed in a study that it is not only a pleasant activity, but also a survival strategy widespread among males of different animal species , aimed at improving the quality of the sperm and thus increase the chances of conceiving.

But how does masturbation make sperm better? Sperm accumulates in the epididymis, the part of the male genital apparatus responsible for the “storage” and maturation of spermatozoa.

But the longer the sperm remains in the epididymis, the more spermatozoa will lose their ability to move and fertilize an egg cell , weakening themselves. 

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Masturbation to increase fertility and reduce the risk of prostate cancer

No health problems for humans, but reduced effectiveness if you are looking for a baby . So if you want to conceive, do you have to masturbate every day?

No: in health conditions (and in the case of a spermiogram with a high number of spermatozoa, if it had been performed) it may be a good idea to ejaculate every 2-3 days ; if you have less than 70 million spermatozoa per milliliter, however, it may be appropriate to wait 4-5 days. In this way you will have more “accumulated” spermatozoa, even if less “agile”.

In any case, all the studies conducted so far have pointed out the pros of masturbation and no cons . A healthy masturbation (that is, far from compulsive behaviors), has only positive effects on the psychophysical well-being of men.

And not only, as we just saw, with regards to sperm health, but also with regards to prostate health : according to a study recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, men who ejaculate 21 or more times a month have a third less risk of developing prostate cancer than someone who ejaculates fewer times.

This is because such frequent ejaculations would allow the prostate to eliminate carcinogens and any microcalcifications in the prostate duct. In short, masturbation is a real panacea for the health of the male genital system, for men of all ages.

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