Does ice on the stomach make you lose weight?

Does ice on the stomach make you lose weight?

ice-bellyAfter the theory that drinking eight glasses of cold water would make you lose weight because it would force the body to raise the basal temperature after the cold caused by water and the famous ” ice diet ” the news of which chilled last summer (all eating ice cubes, I’m talking about it here ), now, before some genius comes out with a nap in the cooler or human cryogenics (which would literally stop the advancement of wrinkles), it’s the turn of the ice on the belly to lose weight .
Yes, you heard right: place a nice siberino or a bag of ice on your stomach for half an hour, in order to completely cool down and suffer from lightning-fast constipation. After surviving constipation , you should have expended that handful of calories (about thirty?) That your body uses to return to normal temperature. Sure, a bit of an extreme remedy for losing weight , but on the other hand there are people who ingest parasites to get rid of the extra pounds, what do you want to be a few extra trips to the bathroom? Proponents of the belly ice trick say it makes you lose weight because the sudden cold would activate brown fat, or that particular formation of body fat that regulates the functions of the metabolism with regard to body temperature, among other things. Too bad that the scientific literature has shown that an activation of brown fat for thermogenesis (we feel cold because we are cold, our body works to keep the body temperature stable, this work is the brown fat that is activated by stimulating the metabolism to burn more), burns at most 5% of the basal metabolic rate. What does it mean? It means that if we were freezing for an hour we would burn up to a maximum of one hundred calories more in that hour (and I’m already exaggerating). And for half an hour in which we are in the warmth with the siberino on the belly, how much would we burn? Here it is. Thirty or forty calories as I said initially. We must save at least 500 a day to achieve a weight loss of less than half a kilo in seven days.
I will talk more about the role of brown fat in body weight, promised, but in the meantime, I have my say on this trick: it is clearly a colossal bounce.
It makes absolutely no sense, it is bad for your health, we are talking about a few extra calories spent, those recoverable with a biscuit.
Is this nonsense worth believing?

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