Lower diabetes risk with one egg per day

Lower diabetes risk with one egg per day

An egg a day instead of an apple a day for those who suffer from blood sugar problems and are at risk of type 2 diabetes.

According to a new study, in fact, not only should eggs not be demonized, but it would be enough to consume one egg a day to reduce the risk of dyslipidemia . Dyslipidemia is a condition associated with diabetes but often underestimated.

In fact, the egg contains metabolites that improve the lipid profile and consequently improve the metabolism of fats.
This results in a reduced risk of insulin resistance.

This is established by a study by Dr. Stefania Noerman of the University of Eastern Finland, and published in the journal  Molecular Nutrition and Food Research .


That of the egg would be a real dietary paradox .

On the one hand, we know that eggs are rich in cholesterol, on the other, studies have already established for years that, despite their cholesterol content, eggs do not raise bad cholesterol in the blood.

Noerman conducted two studies on the correlation between eggs and type 2 diabetes risk.

Already in a previous study, his team noted that those who consumed the most eggs among middle-aged men had a lower risk of diabetes.

In the new study, the doctor instead analyzed the dietary habits of a larger and more heterogeneous sample, finding that those who ate eggs daily had a better lipid metabolism.

This translates into less bad cholesterol, less triglycerides, greater ability to use fat for energy purposes. And lower risk of insulin resistance.

Another study found that those who ate eggs in the morning were more likely to lose weight.
The nutritional profile of eggs is unique.

They are satiating, rich in vitamins, with highly available and digestible proteins.

But it is their metabolites that are under scrutiny, as they apparently have properties that have never before been thoroughly investigated. And which instead are allies in those suffering from metabolic syndrome and high blood sugar. Obviously, you don’t need to overdo it, but stick to one egg a day on average.

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