How to lose weight for the new year

How to lose weight for the new year

How to lose weight for the new year?
If losing weight is your good resolution starting in January, here’s what you need to do to avoid falling victim to the first disposable diet and do things wisely instead.

With these simple tips that are easy to apply in daily life, you can lose weight for the new year without having a specific diet that forces you to count calories and dose foods. Dr. Samantha Cassetty, dietician,
lists them .


  1. Don’t focus on role models.

    Instead of trying to achieve the same physical shape as a person whose photos you see on Instagram or Facebook or in the newspapers, but other than that you know nothing, instead try to find your goals without comparing yourself to others. Learn to bet on yourself, on what you can do without going crazy and looking for quick solutions, to become the best version of yourself. Instead, stop trying to imitate an ideal.
    For example , here are 10 influencers who will improve the relationship with your body .

  2. Focus on quality .

    According to some studies, metabolism increases if the food you choose to eat is as simple and natural as possible. The body has less difficulty getting the nutrients it needs from natural food or from the least industrial food possible. On the other hand, additives and industrial processes make this task difficult.

    natural foods
    Therefore, focus on fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and fresh eggs, milk and cheeses or dairy products which contain only milk, salt and rennet as ingredients. And then legumes, which you can soak and sprout to reduce antinutrients, tubers, roots, dehydrated or dried fruit in moderation. People who take a more natural eating approach and have cut or eliminated packaged products have lost weight without counting calories. In addition, their health has improved along with their metabolism.

  3. Pair protein with every meal.

    From breakfast to dinner, it’s always best to combine the carbohydrates from bread, pasta, rice, potatoes or fruit with a protein food, such as eggs, dairy, meat or fish. This reduces the glycemic load of the meal and increases the sense of satiety.

  4. Before training, eat a protein food.

    One study showed that people who ate a protein-dominated food before a workout burned more calories with exercise.
    Try these fat burning workouts. 

  5. Remember that fiber reduces the assimilation of calories.

    Fiber is a great ally in weight loss. Not only do they increase the sense of satiety, but they allow you to absorb fewer calories. It starts with the fibers of fruit and vegetables or tubers instead of bread and pasta, increasing the share of vegetables. Add to the list of oat flakes, replace white rice with basmati, try to consume fresh legumes, prefer grains instead of pasta, choose al dente cooking for pasta and rice.

  6. Take care of your sleep more.

    An hour before going to bed, stop watching TV, watching your cell phone or sitting on your PC. Install an app for pc and tv that reduces blue lights for warmer lights in the evening. Get 7-8 hours of sleep a day, perhaps with the help of an afternoon siesta. Do not go to bed hungry, do not drink too much water in the evening, avoid any element that could disturb your rest.

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