Short-chain fatty acids help against heart attack

Short-chain fatty acids help against heart attack



Produced by the fermentation of intestinal bacteria, short-chain fatty acids bring a series of benefits to the metabolism and immune system. These are tiny fats that have been the subject of countless studies for years, but not all of us produce in the same way. Those who produce more of it tend to be leaner and have a better immune system. But today it has been discovered that these short-chain fatty acids can also save us from the damage of a heart attack.

According to a study carried out by three universities and published in the Journal of Neuroscience , taking a short-chain fatty acid supplement can help in post-heart attack recovery. There would be clear improvements in the motor and nervous systems over the following years, and brain health would be safeguarded.

The study was conducted by the Ludwig Maximilian Universities of Munich, the College of Medicine of Kentucky and the Southwestern Medical Center of Texas.

Although the study was conducted in mice, supplementing with short-chain fatty acids is harmless, and has never been used to reduce health problems resulting from a heart attack. It reduces the inflammation of the body and reduces the percentage of disability of the post-heart attack. Ok, but how to integrate these fatty acids?

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