Lose weight with soups

Lose weight with soups

Do you remember the minestrone diet?

There were many contraindications to a diet based on large quantities of water and minestrone. Especially bearing in mind that boiling many vegetables adding broth or salt has never been a remedy to combat water retention.
On the contrary.
Paradoxically, boiled vegetables make water retention come.

I know, maybe one thinks to keep light, but in reality cooking vegetables all together causes the mineral salts contained in the vegetables to create crystals, which the body takes a day or two to dispose of through liquids.
We eat minestrone or soup and feel pretty swollen.
But there is, indeed, more than one remedy to prevent the minestrone or soup from turning into a dietary trap.


Here’s how you can lose weight and lose weight with soups , by having an easy and undemanding diet.

  1. Swap a meal for soup, followed by some fruit.
  2. The soup must have a strong presence of a vegetable, a protein resource (milk, soy milk, a spoonful of Parmesan), a fat resource (oil, butter, cream in the doses of a spoon: the ideal remains raw oil).
    Useful additions: herbs.
  3. The soup should be salted at the end of cooking, not during, and with a little salt.
  4. How to make our soup?
    Take a vegetable, cut it into large pieces, and instead of boiling it, stew it in a pan with a little water, garlic or onion to taste, spices to taste and a tablespoon of oil.
    Once the vegetables are cooked, drain all the cooking liquid and add: a boiled potato, a few ladles of hot water and a few ladles of hot milk (with the liquids, adjust by eye, depending on the consistency you want to give them) , aromatic herbs to taste.
    No nut. Pour everything into the mixer and voilà. Your soup, cooked in an alternative way to prevent the vegetables from becoming indigestible when boiled in the same liquid you drink, is as good as it is done.
  5. Which vegetables to prefer? These are the combinations:
    Fennel soup : fennel should be stewed with onion and a little oil or butter.
    Celery soup : same thing.
    Pumpkin cream . The pumpkin can also be cooked in the oven and then emptied of the pulp, which will be placed in the mixer with the hot liquids.
    Onion soup . It can be done by adding a piece of carrot and a stick of celery and stewing them with bay leaves (which you will then remove).
    Prataioli cream . Same thing as the other vegetables.
    Cabbage or broccoli soup . You can boil them in water and then drain well, finally add them to the mixer with your liquids.
    Cream of asparagus: see fennel.
    Thistle soup: see broccoli.
    Artichoke cream: see fennel.
    Aromatic herbs possible.
    Thyme, marjoram, parsley, rosemary, sage.
    All these herbs will enhance the diuretic action of the soup.
    Possible spices: turmeric, curry, pepper, chilli, nutmeg, cardamom.
  6. What do we eat in the other meal?
    Well, if we dedicate one meal to this soup, the other must be protein: meat, fish, eggs, even soy cheese with a side of vegetables, a handful of whole grains or legumes or better still a slice of toasted wholemeal bread. .
    For example: two-egg omelette with vegetables, a slice of toast, mixed salad.

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