How to save the line from the terrible parties

How to save the line from the terrible parties

cenapesanteThe countdown of what I call the terrible holidays begins: it’s cold, from October 31st with All Saints’ Day and the first days of celebration, invitations will start pouring in that will make your sweaters necessary to disguise the first handbags.
If you do not want to roll before Christmas, let’s see how to avoid binge eating with the first signs of the cold and the piloted dinner invitations so it is impossible not to be there and it is impossible to refrain from eating. These are the rules to survive! 1) Do not go on a diet before the invitation to lunch or dinner. You risk eating more to psychologically compensate for the idea that you have supported yourself earlier. A big mistake! 2) It is bad to refuse, but you cannot eat EVERYTHING.

It is not for peasants to say “That’s enough for me”. You can eat first and second courses, but:
– or by limiting the quantities, if the guest does us the courtesy not to put the dish ready under his nose already.
– or avoiding the extras: do you all like dessert? Not me, thanks. Nor amaro or limoncello. Or the sugar in the coffee. The side dish of potatoes in the roast beef.

3) Equip yourself with a clinical eye, especially for the glycemic load of meals . Do not accompany the appetizer with bread or taralli and if you serve yourself freely, prefer crudités, pickles, and even cold cuts or seafood appetizers with dairy products, mozzarella and cheeses. Skip the fruit and dessert if you ate a glycemic first, such as gnocchi, stuffed pasta or risotto, but eat the second protein and a side of vegetables (no boiled carrots, potatoes, tubers in general). Yes to walnuts and hazelnuts after a meal instead of dessert, no to chestnuts. Limit the wine to one glass that you will sip for the duration of the meal and don’t drink too much water if lunch or dinner is already busy.
4) Last but not least:chew for a long time, fine. It’s the big trick to saving the line. Chew a lot and take small bites. This will greatly assist the body in clearing and digesting the load of the entire meal.

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