Hangover diet or hangover diet

Hangover diet or hangover diet

The hangover , in Italian called hangover , is that series of symptoms of physical discomfort that occurs if we have excessively alcohol. It can happen if we drink too much: it happens if we also drink on an empty stomach, if we indulge in spirits and even if we limit ourselves to wine, only to realize that it has hurt us. Symptoms range from nausea, to headaches, to intestinal upset and physical weakness.

Given that alcohol should not be overdone and that it should generally be avoided, from a strictly dietary point of view, the damage caused by a hangover is the following.

  • severe dehydration: while drinking you tend to urinate more, after not. With an increase in weight due in part to the liquids retained later.
  • metabolic slowdown: alcohol slows down the metabolism, especially fats. You will assimilate more during and after the hangover.
  • liver fatigue: it is no coincidence that excess alcohol is one of the causes of steatosis.

For this reason, also to reduce hangover symptoms, the solution if we have drunk too much is to follow a hangover diet or hangover diet.
This will allow us to get back in shape immediately within 48 hours, and in lucky cases 24 hours.


First of all, start drinking a lot, in this case: at least two liters of natural water. Yes, so much and little by little so as not to throw up. Don’t be alarmed if you don’t pee a lot right away.
From the following day, we must follow a specific diet and eat even if we do not feel very hungry.

Before breakfast: a dandelion herbal tea.
Breakfast : a slice of toasted wholemeal bread, a low-fat white yogurt with a teaspoon of honey and a sugar-free cranberry juice or a sugar-free orange juice. Only after drinking the juice can you drink a light coffee.
Snack: a banana + a glass of skim milk.
Lunch: a rich mixed salad with the addition of a choice of cucumbers, fennel, lettuce, songino, radicchio, tomatoes and 1-2 teaspoons of oil. A slice of wholemeal bread and a hard-boiled egg. A cooked pear or apple or a tangerine.
Snack: half a banana or an apple + a glass of skim milk. Dinner:
a plate of spinach, broccoli, chicory or endive, chard or artichokes, a little oil and abundant flakes of parmesan. A bruschetta with a tomato and a level teaspoon of oil, oregano and a pinch of salt, garlic.
Before going to sleep: a dandelion herbal tea.
Repeat the diet for another day, continue drinking at least two liters of water and you will see that not only will you pee, but you will pee more than usual and the swelling will also be a memory.

If you need a quicker fix, try this smoothie. 

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