Light chocolate salami: 2 recipes to try it

Light chocolate salami: 2 recipes to try it

The chocolate salami is a typical dessert of Northern Italy, which is fashionable both in summer and enjoyed cold and in winter, especially during the Christmas holidays. The basic recipe includes cocoa or dark chocolate (or both), dry biscuits, sugar, butter or eggs, and reaches over 250-300 calories per slice if we consider a tenth of the salami as a slice.

Now, as I have already written in comment on my famous diet cake , I prefer to indicate large portions of sweets, because in my opinion they are more faithful to the real quantities, those that satisfy and do not make you want anything else.
For this reason, for example, the dietary slice cake makes 300 calories, but it is also true that the portions are only eight.

Easy to portion and above all very filling.

On the other hand, light recipes are often in fashion on the net that have nothing of light, precisely because the portions are poor.
In the case of chocolate salami, there is no point in dividing the portion by 16 or 20!

It is clear that this saves calories, but the margin of error is high, and you end up eating a slice of a cake that satisfies less than 3 dry biscuits but has double the calories.

In this article I have chosen for you two light chocolate salami recipes that are actually dietary, and that allow us to have a nice slice of dessert at 120 or 109 calories, depending on the recipe, dividing the total by only 10 slices.

In addition, I add some variants, always tested, which make the chocolate salami a perfect diet sweet even for those who must be careful with sweets. For each variant, the calories per serving are written.

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