Dr. Pomroy’s Christmas holiday diet

Dr. Pomroy’s Christmas holiday diet

Zero stress, small tricks to purify yourself and a better choice of foods to bring to the table, with a little trick that costs nothing. These are the 3 key elements that Dr. Haylie Pomroy, nutritionist famous for her metabolism diets, emphasizes in her holiday diet.

The holidays, explains the doctor, are often stressful for people. More food, but also moments of “forced” conviviality and a lot of preparations make the Christmas and New Year period the cross and delight of many.

Above all, it affects the balance. Bloating, digestive problems and regularity are typical inconveniences of the Christmas holidays.
How to defend yourself?

Here is the diet of the Christmas holidays that the doctor recommends, and that Dcomedieta reveals to you in preview.


During the holidays it is good to pay absolute attention to these small rules, not just food.

Eat more spicy and spicy meals, adding a little pepper to dishes where possible.

Carve out 10 minutes a day of laughter, which have an anti-stress effect, alone or with accomplices.
For example, watching funny videos, playing a party game, watching a comedy movie, singing a funny song. If there is something that makes us laugh out loud, even if it’s stupid, let’s take advantage of it during the holidays.

Breathe for a long time and count to 10 and if not, up to 100 before getting angry and arguing. Or when you feel particularly “overwhelmed” by the various Christmas commitments. Shopping, cooking, visits, various services.
Dr. Pomroy explains that if Rule 2 or 3 sounds silly to you, you don’t understand how your metabolism works, and how stress causes you to have a greater tendency to put on weight.

Avoid industrial or industrially processed products at the table.
Pomroy doesn’t say don’t eat and enjoy good food, but she recommends good food.
At the table there must be quality foods. No sauces and preparations bought for the occasion, no ready-made foods. Pandoro and nougat must also be of good quality, as well as cold cuts and pasta dishes.

It is logical that we will eat more, but we avoid chips, bought snacks and foods rich in additives, just to allow the body to better digest the abundant food. And if that’s not enough, here are 2 little dietary tricks to adopt in those days.

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