Discovering the ideal size, or the sexy size

Discovering the ideal size, or the sexy size

Plenty of women feel the burden of falling into a certain size for pleasure, mistaking a weight goal for happiness. Obviously there is a series of prejudices in front of the right weight, often feminine.

It is thought that once you have reached your ideal weight and become lean, you can eat whatever you want (very false). That once we reach the right weight we will be more courted or desired (in general this is also false). Or that we could put on the clothes we like best without feeling uncomfortable (fake).

In short: very often women especially believe that when they reach that magic number they will be happier.
When happiness, self-confidence, self-worth, self-love are all things that must or should in an ideal world regardless of one’s weight.

This is why I really like an initiative of the newspaper The Sun , which proposed to replace the concept of the right size (one small, one size 40) with the concept of sexy size. They are not the same thing.
To understand this, the newspaper quotes the English model Kelly Brook, who, to the classic question about her physical shape, explained that she prefers herself with more curves. Or, another example, think of the criticisms that Vanessa Incontrada received recently: still sexy, but with a few more curves which is probably her size of her sexy Di lei.


The right size is the one that we often consider just right, but behind external conditioning of which we are not one hundred percent aware. So a 40 or 42 or 38 in our imagination is perfect par excellence, the one that models or women on TV wear.

We can understand this thing if, when asked “why would you want yourself that size?” we give answers that suggest arbitrary and even unreasonable beliefs. “Because in this way I would be thin”, “because I would be happy”, “because I could eat what I want”, “because there are more clothes”.

In short, it is the number to be envied regardless, right because others believe it to be, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right for us. We never really wondered if it would be right for us.
Now let’s see what the so-called sexy size is.

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