Leptin and weight loss: before taking leptin for weight loss read here

Leptin and weight loss: before taking leptin for weight loss read here

Leptin and Weight Loss Before taking leptin for weight loss read this: what are hormones forWhat are we talking about today?

Maybe you already guessed it.

Today I want to talk to you about something that always has to do with the effectiveness of diet pills in diets.

In fact, there are many people who prefer to choose weight loss drugs.

For example, in my weight loss  journey I found myself having to deal with hormones and a hormone in particular today I would like to write: leptin.

But where is leptin found?

And why is it so easy to get leptin-based drugs or supplements ?

However, I, who always prefer that our diets are based on what we eat, will also tell you about the foods where to find it.

But let’s go in order.

What are hormones used for?

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First of all, we must start from the assumption that hormones are not the only ones that, for males, make women cry during the period of the cycle or that make them rather moody during pregnancy.

Hormones do not regulate women’s crying but the development of both sexes, sexual function, metabolism, cognitive function, maintenance of body temperature and many other things.

We must imagine them as messengers that, since they are released from the various points (pituitary glands, adrenal glands, testicles, etc. etc.) turn around our body to control and regulate what is needed.

By controlling, in fact, they release or contain what is needed: from growth hormone to the increase of red blood cells in the blood, from milk to bone growth through testosterone or the promotion of ovulation.


And it’s a part of what hormones do to our body.

Precisely because of their massive presence, the real problems are created when we are dealing with hormonal imbalances and, a hormone that creates great difficulty in this sense, is precisely leptin.

What is leptin and where to buy it?

Leptin is a hormone, a cytokine to be precise, which is secreted by fat cells and you can buy it here .

And this is already a great discovery if you think that many have always imagined that the fat was there, helpless, only to bother us.

Leptin is critical for what it also does with the body’s energy reserves and metabolism.

In fact, with ghrelin being another key hormone, it plays an important role in regulating appetite and satiety.

The two hormones are complementary because they are completely different.

Leptin regulates body weight, ghrelin controls the stimulus of hunger.

An increase in ghrelin and a decrease in leptin lead to insane imbalances.

The two hormones, in order not to create unpleasant situations, such as sudden weight gain, must be in balance.

What do you need to know about leptin?

Leptin regulates the primary functions in our body.

If there is a decrease in leptin, our body will go into energy deficiency and therefore it will slow down the metabolism so as not to burn the remaining energy reserves, it will want to eat more to regain energy with consequent weight gain.

In the opposite case, with an increase in leptin, there will instead be an acceleration of the metabolism and therefore an obvious weight loss due to the fact that the whole organism plays on the speed and satiety factor for a longer time.

Leptin resistance

When we talk about leptin resistance we are talking about a problem that, in recent years, has always been constantly linked to the serious and widespread problem of obesity in the last 20 years.

Leptin resistance works like insulin resistance.

As with regard to insulin, the repeated spikes in blood sugar lead the cells, gradually, to become increasingly resistant to insulin secretion and therefore we arrive at type 2 diabetes, so sugars stimulate leptin in the fat cells up to make them leptin-resistant.

This resistance leads to a crazy consequence: you are fat but your body continues to be hungry , so you eat as if you were always hungry and very thin

It is the real problem of obese people , that the brain has no perception of how much fat accumulation there is in one’s body.

Precisely for this reason the brain goes on a continuous search for food to increase energy without thinking about how much energy can already be burned in the fat deposits that make that person fat and without strength.

And the more you feel without strength because the brain is hungry and the more you eat, without any control up to a pathological level that leads to premature death.

This creates a vicious circle in which you always want to eat junk food and consequently also leads to food addiction , which is the real disease, a plague of recent years, in increasing development.

We remember all the efforts that different countries are making to try to control weight in children, we are talking about a big increase in childhood obesity in countries where we have economic development and little culture from the food point of view.

It is the culture of food that makes everything easier, we need to eat well , not eat a lot to produce energy and to feel fit.

Quality not quantity, this is the first fundamental rule.

There is a difference between eating a kilo of vegetables and a kilo of French fries, never forget that.

Leptin resistance cannot be cured but leptin levels can be reduced with a number of strategies to follow.

Leptin as a drug

Leptin and weight loss before taking leptin for weight loss read this: what you need to know about leptin

In recent years, a rather thriving market has emerged in which leptin-based drugs are used that seem to be very popular on the American market.

Medicines can also be easily purchased online, on the web.

The mechanism of these drugs is usually always the same: it promotes weight loss and at the same time increases the sense of satiety.

In most cases, these drugs also try to decrease the level of leptin resistance.

Leptin as a supplement

Leptin is also used as a base for supplements that can be found on the net.

The success of this type of drug or supplement is always due to the way in which the hunger mechanism is regulated, the less hungry you have, the more your metabolism is accelerated and therefore you lose weight thanks to the fat burned.

Body builders have in recent years found ways to use leptin based supplements that make their bodies more sculpted.

Leptin and slimming

Leptin and weight loss before taking leptin for weight loss read this: leptin and weight loss

We learned about leptin as we went through this article, and we learned that it regulates our appetite, so it’s a key hormone.

When we manage to keep leptin at bay with food, we are able to increase its secretion and lose weight.

But we will see this shortly.

Now I would like to tell you about adiponectin  which is a protein of the cytokine family (therefore closely linked to leptin) which has an equally important role in increasing or decreasing weight and fat mass.

So let’s see how to lose weight and how to stimulate leptin.

Leptin and recommended foods

Leptin and weight loss before taking leptin for weight loss read this: leptin and recommended foods

Obviously we are not necessarily talking about a calorie-based diet but we certainly cannot afford to always and in any case eat exaggerated portions of food.

So let’s go calm with the portions, especially outside the home, and eat whatever stimulates this precious hormone.

First of all, let’s talk about increasing the doses of complex carbohydrates such as:

  • whole wheat bread and pasta
  • quinoa
  • brown rice
  • oatmeal
  • lentils
  • beans
  • green leafy vegetables such as broccoli, kale, and spinach.

These foods are not essential for weight loss but are perfect for increasing the sense of satiety and for slowing digestion to the point of not feeling hungry.

We have already read and learned that legumes or legume-based soups are essential to support hunger for quite a few hours and in this case it becomes important, because it is the appetite that we must not make us come, without however eating things that can hurt us.

We need to increase the level of omega-3, found mainly in fish, in the body which increases leptin.

Let’s see what these foods are:

  • salmon
  • red and black caviar
  • mackerel
  • herring
  • whitefish
  • anchovies
  • sardines

Also excellent fruits with a strong fiber base such as

  • Raspberries
  • Pears (peel)
  • Apples (peel)
  • Banana

Don’t overdo the sugar, of course, and never, ever eat fast food.

The Leptin Diet

The leptin-based diet is based on a simple but rigorous program that uses as its main method the three meals of the day marked by set times.

Breakfast must be done strictly 12 hours after dinner and alternated, in the middle, at exactly 6 hours, from lunch .

Only 3 main meals, no snacking between meals, all this to stimulate the metabolism to work harder.

The foods allowed are various, in addition to those already introduced in the previous paragraph we need tomatoes, eggs, yogurt, dried fruit, lemons, grapefruit to stimulate leptin.

Absolutely not to abuse what is fat, what is refined sugar, junk foods, always check the portion and exercise and burn calories by walking .

Even just a little movement a day, half an hour of activity, can make the diet much easier, because it is precisely the movement that stimulates the metabolism with the most suitable diet for our body.

In fact, it is important to always be careful to calibrate the motion and nutrition to what our body asks for.

We cannot expect to climb a mountain from the first day of training, just as it is impossible to play with food by ingesting little or nothing for days and then thinking that this remains as permanent weight loss .


The topic of leptin and leptin-based drugs and supplements is a very complex topic and very much in vogue at the moment.

Already the discovery, only 20 years ago, of the interference of leptin resistance with what is the great problem of obesity, is a foundation of what is the new medicine and of the fight against obesity itself .

Leptin is a magnificent regulator, the most important in our body.

Keeping leptin levels high helps keep our bodies awake and healthy.

Leptin drugs, as well as supplements, are controversial when we are dealing with unclear chemicals within the package and the drug itself.

But the best method to take care of yourself is precisely to heal yourself with sporting activity, albeit moderate, and with the right diet.

We have discovered that there are several foods that can stimulate leptin, that complex carbohydrates and fiber do nothing but do well and that we must ban everything that is fat and poorly calibrated on fat and on our body.

The fundamental principle on which we should get to work is that our body is our body, we know it and we are able to understand how it works.

It may be that there is a very lucky body where leptin works great and one where leptin has a little trouble getting secreted.

For this reason, I do nothing but talk about how important it is to have a personalized diet based on everyone’s needs.

It is not easy to wake up in the morning and decide to change your life but even more difficult is to think every day of living a life that is always the same in which our body is completely unsuitable for our needs, forced by the extra pounds to live a life that is not the one we want to live.

As we have learned from this article, leptin, its resistance, diseases that have to do with what we eat and being overweight are on the rise all over the world.

And this is precisely the point: we can decide what to do with our life and our body, choose every day what is best to feel better, thanks to quality products, a controlled diet, a team of experts at at our disposal.

There is nothing wrong with wanting a better life.

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