6 benefits of drinking lemon water before bed

6 benefits of drinking lemon water before bed

Drinking lemon water before bed was the least of my ideas.

But then, partly out of curiosity, partly because I heard about it more and more often, I decided to try.

Here’s what I found.

Drinking lemon water before going to sleep is something I’ve experienced myself.

The use of this drink, I can guarantee you, has had obvious benefits.

The same that you can get too if you finish reading this article.

In fact, in this article you will discover that a simple glass of hot water and lemon in the evening before going to bed , can bring infinite benefits to our body such as improving digestion,  detoxifying in a completely natural way and more….

Not for nothing, this simple gesture, which could also be repeated even before training as well as before going for a run , allows you to take natural organic elements and products , such as those proposed by Cultura Natura Bio , so fundamental for our well-being.

water and lemon before bed

Lemons, for example, are rich in potassium, and potassium, among other benefits, helps provide the heart with everything it needs.

But beyond that, drinking a glass of lemon juice in warm water helps to cleanse and stimulate the liver, lower blood pressure , dilute the uric acid that builds up in the body, as well as benefit from an alkalizing effect.

If, then, you want to further increase the benefits, you can also add bicarbonate to the lemon essential oil . Doing so, therefore, will further increase the purifying, digestive, alkalizing effect. Therefore, it is a beneficial and, at the same time, very simple remedy with which we can improve various functions that are basic of our body.

In addition to this, you can also take advantage of the infinite benefits offered by honey by adding it to this fantastic drink. On the other hand, honey is an excellent natural product perfect for losing weight , as well as being a liver cleanser and a powerful detoxifier.

Among the other reasons that exist, there is the fact that drinking water and lemon juice before bed , allows you to lose weight in a completely natural way.

Lemon, as is well known, is a powerful ally for weight loss and, this, because lemon is a natural suppressant. Therefore, through its intake, it will be possible to go to control our appetite more easily and quickly.

Drinking lemon juice in warm water also helps prevent swelling in the belly , arms and legs. Thanks to it, it will therefore be possible to accelerate one’s metabolism and promote the removal of toxins.

Drinking lemon water throughout the day: what happens?

Having established, as also reported below, that there are many benefits of taking such a drink, it remains to be established whether it can be even more beneficial to do it all day.

In fact, you are about to discover that abusing this “magic mixture” can have some important contraindications.

Tooth enamel

Consuming too much acidic foods and drinks, such as several glasses of water and lemon, subject your teeth to too long exposure to acidic substances. This, in the extreme consequences, leads to damage to the enamel making the teeth extremely sensitive to both the clado and the cold.

If you are already in the phase of dental hyper sensitivity, consult your dentist who will be able to provide you with indications to solve the problem.

Stomach ache

In the case of prolonged use of this drink, it is possible to generate, or worsen, heartburn.

Heartburn occurs when the esophageal sphincter, positioned between the esophagus and stomach, does not function properly. In this case, the acid present in the stomach tends to go up into the esophagus giving rise to the phenomenon that takes the name of reflux (heartburn is also associated with acid reflux).

Heartburn causes chest pain and discomfort.

Eliminating or decreasing your intake of acidic foods and drinks helps prevent these symptoms.

Frequent urination and dehydration

In some rare cases, drinking lemon water all day can have a diuretic effect. The high content of vitamin C and ascorbic acid.

This nutrient is known for its diuretic properties, which causes an increase in the “plin plin effect” as a response to our body’s need to eliminate excess fluids and sodium.

If you feel dehydrated after a heavy use of lemonade, consider drastically reducing your intake of this special drink.

The benefits of lemon juice diluted in warm water

The benefits are many, the main ones are summarized below:

  1. Weight loss
  2. Reduction of glucose levels
  3. Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Calcium….
  4. Antiseptic properties
  5. Natural detoxifier
  6. Constipation prevention

In addition to promoting natural weight loss, by simply drinking a glass of water and lemon, you can enjoy many benefits. Not for nothing, lemon is good for weight loss as well as for reducing blood glucose levels.

In addition to this, lemon is rich in vitamin C, vitamin B, minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus and calcium, riboflavin, for example.

So, by drinking this “magic potion”, you can benefit from antiseptic properties, a natural detoxifying action, good digestion and perfect prevention of constipation. In practice, it will be possible to purify, in a natural way, our body from all accumulated toxins, enjoying an increased physical and mental well-being.

It is certainly not possible to forget how much this simple and easy procedure can contribute, in a more than positive way, to losing weight, thus allowing you to lose weight in a natural way.

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