Reducing the waist is possible thanks to the breath

Reducing the waist is possible thanks to the breath

Although the title may be evasive and I’m sorry, but I have to stay within certain characters or it would appear cut, on Dcomedieta I have often talked about breathing techniques to improve metabolism and health. You may wonder how breathing can make you lose weight and in particular reduce the waistline. I will try to be clear, but the explanation is not simple.
We breathe wrong very often. For example, we use our mouths to breathe, especially at night, when we sleep with our mouths open. In particular, the problem is that we tend to take in more oxygen than we need, and this leads to a reduction in carbon dioxide.

Breathing techniques such as the Buteyko method or pranayama (yoga breathing) or this technique I will talk about to reduce the waistline teach instead to do the exact opposite.

But why?
In fact, everything starts from carbon dioxide.


The way we breathe has an impact on our metabolism, our longevity and even our fat stores. In particular, it is essential to introduce oxygen through breathing, but not so much as to create hyperventilation. In this case, the amount of carbon dioxide is progressively reduced. But we need carbon dioxide to get oxygen from the blood to the tissues. In fact, oxygen is present in hemoglobin in the blood.
This chemical bond, which will release oxygen to get it to the tissues, is broken thanks to the action of hydrogen, pH and carbon dioxide ( Bohr effect). Consequently, if we accumulate too much oxygen by inhaling too hard, too fast or with an open mouth, the tissues will be less oxygenated. Same thing if we spend too much time indoors.
This has an impact on our metabolism because compared to the concentration of oxygen and carbon dioxide normally present in the air, humans need less oxygen and more carbon dioxide. So it is the breath that must allow us to have the right concentrations of both.

Acting in this way on the breath also has an impact on the immune system. Populations living in high latitudes have less risk of cardiovascular death and are also less obese.

Among the longest-lived populations on Earth, many live near the mountains. The Sardinians who are studied for their longevity are those who live in the mountain areas. Long-lived mountaineers are the Azerbaijans, the Sherpas, the South American populations who live close to the mountains, the Himalayans.
Now that I have given you some pointers on why breathing in a certain way makes you lose weight, let’s see a breathing technique to reduce the waistline that works and will take you 5 minutes a day. ( CONTINUED ON PAGE 2 ).

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