Ketogenic diet: are the results coming?

Ketogenic diet: are the results coming?

I do not know if you have ever heard of  ketogenic diet (I have already talked about it in this article ), which in fact is a diet considered rather controversial by most, and if you have ever wondered what and how many the  results of a ketogenic diet can be , in fact .

First of all, let’s try to understand what the ketogenic diet is and whether to believe its supporters that promise great results in just ten days.

It is also used to improve the conditions of chronic diseases of a certain difficulty such as epilepsy and certainly it is also thought to give more energy and better health in general.

Some, however, continue to argue the dangers of such a type of diet , so let’s first see what ketosis is.

What is ketosis?

The ketogenic diet is based on ketosis which is a condition of our body that develops in the absence of carbohydrates for a controlled period of time.

Low carbohydrate levels also lower blood sugar and the body begins to use long-stored fat to be used for energy.

So not what we eat but what we have accumulated over time.

Various investigations have considered this ketosis which is a principle of ketoacidosis as not harmful and, indeed, very very interesting for obese people for some time, who have a lot of excess fat accumulated.

The detractors also argue that this type of diet so forced in eating only certain foods does not lead to a permanent condition of weight loss but only temporary, for a maximum of one year.

However, you can lose many kilos in less than a year of diet, therefore with obvious results. We are talking about 30 kilos in a year for people with severe overweight and even more if we are talking about obese people.

Especially this type of diet gives results on those people who have already tried several diets without results, also because it is a very poor diet, of about 800 calories a day, therefore rather rigid to follow.

The foundation, personally, even for following this diet is not to overdo it.

Being a rigid diet, it cannot be followed for life and it is clear that this also entails an adaptation of the life following the diet to what is the previous rigidity

Try to maintain a controlled diet even afterwards and to make a resolute diet linked to your well-being, therefore also with constant physical exercise and attention that goes beyond the moment of a rigid diet.

Don’t be obsessed with diet, always look for the best for you.


The ketogenic diet is a diet whose results are very good.

There are experts who speak of the miracle diet and detractors who wonder if such a drastic diet could be harmful to the body.

The important thing, as in all things, is not to be obsessed with physical fitness but to learn to love yourself and your body, without killing yourself with a diet that is certainly difficult in the long run. But why not give it a try?

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