Opinions on the Juice Plus diet

Opinions on the Juice Plus diet

Opinions on the Juice Plus diet

First of all, Juice Plus is not a diet even though many think so!

I imagine that you too, in the search for the perfect diet on the net, have stumbled upon what is mistakenly called  the Juice Plus diet  and wondered how  it works and if there are any  side effects .

Obviously I have my own idea of ​​the thing but I would like that you too, reading the various  opinions , can then freely decide how this type of program looks to you.

What is the Juice Plus Diet

The Juice Plus diet (which can also turn into work ) cannot be considered a diet but a possibility of a clear change of life. This is what a simple interview with any coach (who is the person in charge of following you) will tell you right away.

The goal is certainly not just to lose weight but to radically change your way of seeing life, food and your well-being.

The diet, if we want to call it, is based on basic principles:

  • reduce daily calories and replace meals with previously balanced soups, smoothies or bars
  • increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables
  • supplement the diet with all-natural fruit and vegetable tablets

The supplements can also be sold alone and it is up to us to balance everything with a diet based on the three main meals and then the two snacks for a total of 5 meals per day.

How do you go about following the diet plan, what are the key principles to work on?

  • Detox for 2 weeks
  • Replace 2 meals a day for 2 weeks
  • Take Juice Plus supplements

Obviously being a detox diet but also based on industrial products there are a lot of opinions to be taken into account.

There are those on the net who speak of it as a miracle and those who do nothing but say that it is a scam.

I conducted my research alone and I discovered a few things about the company.

The first is that this American company is over 40 and has been working in the food business for about 30.

The second is that each of these products is followed step by step by a series of experts and researchers who affirm the genuineness and naturalness of the products.

Then you must always imagine that you can and want to consult a doctor to be one hundred percent sure whether you are talking about pregnant women or about slightly more powerful anti-cellulite and anti-water retention products such as caffeine-based boosters. .

Of real and proven side effects, except allergies or intolerances found later, we do not have any, especially if we follow a supplementary regime to products with zero-kilometer and fresh foods.

For the rest it is always, in my opinion, how we take this task with ourselves, without unnatural expectations but with great harmony with nature.


Here it is not just about talking about  the Juice Plus diet  but about how it works,  if there are  side effects  and what the  opinions  may be on this specific case of detox diet with industrial but natural products. You shouldn’t carry out an idea without having doubts.

Always consult your doctor and try to allay any anxiety before starting a course.

Being well disposed means starting the right way!

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