Kamasutra Positions: The Union of the Crab

Kamasutra Positions: The Union of the Crab

Not one of the easiest this position of the kamasutra, however, guarantees constant eye contact and sinuous movements.


Kamasutra Positions: Union of the Crab

Perhaps it requires a little effort  but the satisfactions are assured: the crab position is a position of the Kamasutra that favors small and sinuous movements and allows constant eye contact.

You won’t be able to touch each other, but looking into each other’s eyes as you move into each other will be downright exciting. And it is the perfect position to use the pelvic muscles that you will have trained with the vaginal balls !

How to do the crab position

It is not a very easy position to implement and it may take a few tries to succeed perfectly.

He lies on his back , with his legs slightly bent, resting on his elbows or hands, with his arms bent.

She, facing her partner, sits in his arms , welcoming him inside her, and then leans her torso back and rests her legs on his shoulders . 

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