Kamasutra Positions: The Union of the Elephant

Kamasutra Positions: The Union of the Elephant

The elephant position is a position of medium difficulty that ensures a deep penetration very favorable to the experimentation of vaginal orgasm.


Kamasutra Positions: Union of the Elephant

The elephant union or elephant position is, among the positions of the kamasutra , a position of medium difficulty that ensures intense penetration.

Sweeter and less “rough” than doggy style, it is a position that involves vaginal penetration from behind her but leaves, at least partially, his hands free to caress her body.

In this position the clitoris is not stimulated directly , but there is good contact with that area known as the G-spot.

A great chance to experience vaginal orgasm !

How to do the Elephant Pose

To do the elephant kamasutra position :

She lies on the bed on her stomach , lifting her torso and resting on her forearms. She spreads her legs and he joins her, kneeling between her thighs.

The classic version provides that both then extend the legs, leveraging the arms.

The version we prefer, on the other hand, is more relaxed and allows both to decide how much to lift and arch the back to reach the preferred depth of penetration.

And most importantly, it allows him to caress her on the back and buttocks.

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