Kamasutra Positions: The Union of the Plow

Kamasutra Positions: The Union of the Plow

Suitable for all couples, the plow position is a variant of the missionary. Excellent for clitoral stimulation.


Kamasutra Positions: Union of the Plow

The plow position is a variation of the missionary that allows for gentle vaginal penetration at a different angle: the penis enters parallel to the vagina, and the contact between her and his pubes is perfect for clitoral stimulation.

It is a position of the Kamasutra also perfect for pregnancy, because it allows not to crush the belly.

With some small precautions , the union of the plow is a position suitable for all couples, both the most “trained” and the most sedentary

How to do the position of the plow

For the position of the plow you must lie on your back , with your buttocks near the edge of the bed (or the table, if you want to change the setting).

He stands or kneels in front of her and lifts her legs, penetrating her.

She can decide whether to wrap her legs around his hips or to increase her inclination by resting them on her partner’s shoulders.

He supports her holding her by her hips, but he can from time to time free her hand to caress her.

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