Kamasutra Positions: The Union of the Cow

Kamasutra Positions: The Union of the Cow

The position of the cow is a position of contact, while turning the woman away from the partner, which therefore allows a very enveloping union.


Kamasutra Positions: Union of the Cow

The name may not be particularly poetic  but the union of the cow is one of the most popular positions of the Kamasutra .

The reference to the sacred animal is realized in the position on all fours , which makes this position similar to the doggy style, much loved in particular by men.

The difference is that in the union of the cow the contact of his chest against her back is foreseen, in an embrace that softens the somewhat “animalistic” nature (not that there is anything wrong with this!) Of the position . Women will love it too!

How to do the Cow Union

She positions herself on all fours , placing a soft pillow under her knees if necessary.

He approaches on his knees and penetrates her gently , then lowering himself onto her back and placing his hands on the ground. If he wants her, he can wrap his arm around her chest, caress her breasts or tease her nipples.

The ideal is to keep a slow movement in her penetration: both she and he can determine her rhythm, moving slowly and delicately.

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