Earache in children: prevention and remedies

Earache in children: prevention and remedies

Earache or otalgia is a common ailment in children and can be the cause of inconsolable crying in the newborn. How can I intervene in case of earache? What are the natural remedies?

Earache in children: prevention and remedies

Causes of earache

Ear pain is mostly associated with infections of the external ear canal or with otitis media . However, there are other causes that can trigger earache in children:

  • oropharyngeal pathologies causing reflected pain in the ears,
  • trauma and barotrauma,
  • tooth or gum disease ,
  • problems related to the temporomandibular joint,
  • exanthematous diseases,
  • some allergies.

Earache prevention

The first of the remedies for earache in children is prevention :

  • Avoid incorrect use of cotton buds , there are in fact risks for the eardrum , which can be seriously damaged, up to perforation; cotton swabs should only be used to gently clean the outermost part of the ears;
  • External ear infections are favored by all conditions that increase the humidity of the ear canal or alter its physiological defense and self-cleaning mechanisms; it is therefore advisable to dry children’s ears well after bathing and shampooing and, in case they frequent swimming pools, evaluate the use of ear plugs;
  • Otitis media in children is prevented, on the other hand, by trying to intervene, where possible, on risk factors : exposure to passive smoke, artificial breastfeeding, use of pacifiers, exposure to cold … 

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