The French diet to lose 3 kg in one month

The French diet to lose 3 kg in one month

The French diet, known as The French Woman Diet or The Pastry Diet, is a diet to lose 3 kg in one month that would be based on the French paradox.

According to this paradox, the French have low cholesterol levels and less body fat because they eat dark chocolate and drink red wine, which are foods rich in antioxidants that keep them lean. However, the explanation is not correct, given that on the one hand even the French today have problems of rampant obesity.

On the other hand, the antioxidants in wine, first of all resveratrol, are present in minimal traces in a glass, and to have an effect on health we would have to drain eight bottles of wine a day, but at that point between calories and alcohol everything good that wine has would not be enough to save us from steatosis.
Thank goodness, the French diet is based on the real reasons why the French (at one time) also had a good weight.

Small portions of calorie-dense foods that, however, left the palate satisfied, and the fact that up to twenty years ago, the French ate 3 meals a day. Studies have in fact correlated the addition of snacks from vending machines in schools, restaurants and cafes today always open to the growing waistline of the French, as well as of most Westerners.


The French diet, on the other hand, explores the habits of the French of the past. And of course yes, there are also greedy or satisfying foods, but everything is structured in 3 canonical meals a day, without any snack between meals.

Clearly, those who want can separate some foods, such as dessert at the end of a meal in the evening, to eat them as a snack or as a snack, but I do not recommend it. The original plan allows you to lose 3 kg per month.

Not only is it a good meal plan, it is a way for those who want to lose over one size in a couple of months trying to have a freer and less mortifying diet, as you will see.

I make a little nerd note, for those who will say: “Eh, but what about the Mediterranean diet?”. Know that France was not included in Ancel Keys’ study of the 7 countries, from which the Mediterranean diet was derived, for a mere fact of archives.
When Keys asked France to participate, France could not fully satisfy that request , due to lack of resources that Keys requested. This happened not only for France, but also for Spain and Sweden. And that’s not to say that the French or Spanish or Swedish diet can’t be good diets.

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