Is the Juice Plus diet bad for you? I have tried it and I tell you that….

Is the Juice Plus diet bad for you? I have tried it and I tell you that….

I always imagined, when I started my personal journey to seek my well-being, of having to be at the center of my life and try to love myself.

One day, taken by curiosity and what I was reading on the net, I began to get interested in what was defined as the Juice Plus diet and in what were the nutritional qualities of the products that were part of it.

The first discovery I made is actually discovering that Juice Plus is not a diet! (Keep reading this article to understand what exactly it is).

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For this reason I wanted to experience firsthand what it was and not to be influenced by the opinions of others on the “Juice Plus diet”.

We all have a great need for energy and fruit and vegetables, even 5 to 9 servings a day.

And I was looking for a practical and inexpensive way to be able to start working more on my body by ingesting healthier food.

Precisely for this reason I approached this company and everything that revolves around nutritional supplements  based on complete fruit, vegetables and berries, to replacements for meals and fruit and vegetables.

I have tried them all and I, and only I can, tell you what it feels like and what is the quality of the products that are used.

Follow me in these short paragraphs and be passionate about how I am passionate about this company and this way of seeing the life and well-being of each of us.

Without preconceptions, please.

The Juice Plus diet hurts I have tried it and I tell you that ....: what is the juice plus diet

Entering the world of Juice Plus is trying to bring healthy, whole and complete food into one’s daily diet, cheap and easy to manage in any situation one may find.

It is a complete modification of one’s previous habits which become healthy the moment we put ourselves at the center of our lives and decide to trust Juice Plus products.

First of all, the cornerstone of Juice Plus is to think of your body as a temple that needs to be purified.

What are the basic steps?

  • reduce calories by replacing meals with smoothies or bars designed specifically for our needs
  • increase your intake of fruits and vegetables
  • supplement the already balanced diet with fruit juice tablets (there are more than 26 different types of fruit)

Supplements are also sold alone and are also used only to try to integrate the intake of fruit and vegetables (which should be 5 snacks a day) during our hectic lives in which we certainly do not have time to stop. eat an apple or soup with all the work, stress, kids.

How do you follow a balanced plan to regain your well-being?

  • Detox for 2 weeks
  • Replace 2 meals a day for 2 weeks
  • Take Juice Plus supplements

The first thing to do, to take care of your body, is to start this two-week detoxification program.

Two weeks in which we place ourselves at the center of our life and we know perfectly what to do and what to eat to purify our internal organs of toxins.

At all stages of your journey you will always have a tutor on your side, a person who will be able to refute all your doubts for everything related to the Juice Plus world.

Remember that the Juice Plus company will not change your initial diet but can replace traditional meals with shakes or protein bars.

I, who have always had cellulite, have also tried anti-cellulite products which are a series of special shakes, called Boosters, very draining.

These shakes have the very important feature of already balancing their nutrient supply.

So there is the right amount of protein, fat, sugar.

We can extend the sachet, then, with what we want, from soy milk to fruit juice, from cow’s milk to water.

The important thing is to purify.

Remember another very important thing for you.

This is about fooling your metabolism.

Clearly it is a deception that is good for you.

Here for two weeks what you will do is swallow liquids to speed up your metabolism.

But the work that Juice Plus does is a complete job, here I understood what the extra gear was.

When the body is eating less, Juice Plus immediately supplies these completely natural fruit tablets, which contain the essence of dehydrated ripe fruit inside.

So yes to shakes or ready-made soups that are already balanced but also never forget the vitamins and minerals that are essential especially in the detoxifying weeks when the body is already under stress to try to cleanse itself and lose weight in the meantime.

Are Juice Plus products bad for you?

Is Juice Plus a diet?  No, and I'll tell you why

I have talked about myself but I would also like to talk about all the people I know who have lived the Juice Plus experience.

Juice Plus was born as a company in America more than 30 years ago.

And it is important, in my opinion, to know that you are dealing with a company that has made transparency one of its key qualities.

Juice Plus follows the entire supply chain that leads from the raw material to the products we feed on.

And that also reassured me at the time.

Knowing not to swallow the usual uncontrolled pimps made me acquire that serenity with which I began my experience.

The fields where the raw materials are grown are checked several times a year, always with careful checks that ensure, if things go well, that the fruits and vegetables are picked when they are to be picked, without forcing.

The juices and nutrients come out of a dehydration that allows the product to remain intact.

Through squeezing and dehydration processes, of exclusive property and under their constant control as I wrote before, water and unusable elements are eliminated and we focus only on usable nutrients.

The studies done on the product can only ascertain the quality of the product itself, so no, personally I do not believe that the products can hurt.

Even those Boosters, the ones I used to accelerate the accumulation of liquids, have a caffeine base, yes, but just talk to the family doctor to understand if this thing can hurt or not.

The only group of people for which it is considered dangerous are pregnant women but clearly for the presence of caffeine, as previously mentioned.

From my experience and that of my friends I believe that the only real reason why it can hurt may be to have some allergy or intolerance.

But even in this case the products are hardly attributable because on the package it is written in detail what is inside and they are all gluten-free products and do not contain lactose, precisely in order not to run into the most common intolerances.

So no, I don’t think Juice Plus products can be bad at all , with a nutrition and a type of business setting where you individual are followed from day one to the last day.

The great attention is another thing that has always impressed me a lot, in normal people and in the Juice Plus gear.

The moment you start your journey there won’t be a moment when you can’t ask your contact for assistance.

And that makes you feel safe.

Let’s see specifically the benefits of nutrients.

Benefits of Juice Plus

Is Juice Plus a diet?  No, here are its benefits

The company is a healthy, solid company.

It was born as an American and then in the last ten years it experienced the real boom also in Italy.

The flagship products are shakes, vegetable soups, bars, boosters and capsules .

The Shake Juice PLUS + Complete , the replacement shakes ( here are 5 recipes ), provide a truly incredible supply of protein.

All vegetables, soy, rice and chickpeas, the necessary fats and carbohydrates that are all in perfect balance.

A complete, perfectly balanced meal with only 220 calories.

The shakes are vanilla and chocolate flavored.

As such they can be enriched with milk or fruit depending on the taste.

Both are plant-based and free from gluten, preservatives, sweeteners, artificial colors and flavorings.

Bars like all protein bars are perfect for nourishing our body quickly, filling it with energy.

The Mixed Fruit bar is composed of a mix of fruit: cranberries, raisins, goji berries, mangoes, strawberries, dates, they are completely gluten-free and are enriched with omega-3, even the chocolate one, always to try to maintain maximum nutrient completeness even in a 210-calorie bar.

Vegetable soups, on the other hand, are prepared with 300 ml of milk which can also be soy and are perfect to eat hot at lunch.

In only 200 calories they have only fresh dehydrated vegetables in them.

The supplement tablets are tablets that have 26 different types of fruit inside them with all the intact qualities of that fruit, perfect for nourishing us without problems and without any vitamin deficiency.

The boosters are the products that I left last because they are the ones that have theine and caffeine inside them to accelerate metabolism and to drain in an excellent and completely natural way without artificial flavors and without chemical stabilizers.

The other point in favor of the company is that of transparency.

Nobody from the beginning will talk to you about a miracle and nobody will tell you that only with these products you will achieve any result.

This does not mean that there is no attention in the products, as mentioned before, but that each person is independent and that the use of the products must be customized with a balanced and varied diet and some physical exercise to obtain results that lead to slimming.

Juice Plus products do not make you lose weight, you need a diet and your own predisposition to lose weight.

It is the head that must change, not just the products to be used.

Of course, if the products used are good, if the tutor who follows you is an attentive person, certainly this is to be considered an indispensable benefit.

My views on the Juice Plus diet

Opinions on the Juice Plus diet
Opinions on the Juice Plus diet are important, but I wanted to try it firsthand.

First of all, I would like to reiterate that when we talk about Juice Plus we are not talking about a diet.

This misconception is due to the fact that Juice Plus products, which are not supplements or weight loss products, are actually used in weight loss programs .

Juice Plus is a nutritional supplement made exclusively from 27 varieties of fruit, vegetables and berries.

It is now common opinion that we all need to eat more fruit and vegetables.

Science has long claimed that the many nutritional elements found in fruit and vegetables are essential for our body. For this reason, science itself tells us that we should consume 5 to 9 servings of fruit and vegetables per day.

You make it?

If not, then know that the idea of ​​Juice Plus was born precisely behind this need. Having said that nothing can replace a varied and abundant consumption of fruit and vegetables, JP products  help to bridge the difference between what we should take, from what we really assume.

Through a proprietary and patented process made of low temperatures and short duration, the Juice Plus laboratories are able to extract the widest range of nutritional benefits from the specifically selected components.

We are therefore talking about products defined as bioavailable, that is products that our body is able to recognize and use effectively.

So this is my opinion on these products .

I have made use (and continue to do so) of the products mentioned above, however, within a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet, finding great benefit in the medium and long term.

There are no miracle products, but there is a correct lifestyle!

Using nutritional supplements, even excellent ones such as those mentioned in this article, would be completely useless if they were not accompanied by a balanced diet and equally effective behaviors.

So if you still have doubts about the quality of Juice Plus, about the real ability to lose weight without altering your balance, then I hope I have removed all doubts.

Rest assured, that the quality with which they are produced is a total guarantee of success and a tool (not the only one) to have a lifestyle for optimal well-being.


As in all the things I have talked about in these months, our love handles must not change and disappear but our head.

Every person is different, and every approach to a diet only works if our minds work.

But when I am asked to talk about my Juice Plus experience and tell you if this works or hurts, I try to be objective first and then subjective.

The products and the company are of the highest quality, are controlled, natural and are specifically designed to be balanced and to be good for our body.

It is clear that when we take a smoothie for lunch and eat 5 cheeseburgers in the evening we will not get the miracle of weight loss.

We must follow a lifestyle and changed habits that will allow our body and mind to be reborn thanks to the products but also thanks to the change we decide to be better and personalized for us.

There are those who will love to swim 3 times a week and those who will love to walk every day.

Who will prefer to eat fish or chicken.

Who would prefer to eat a fresh salad with some wholemeal bread.

The important thing will be to understand what will do best for us.

And for those of you who have not been happy with Juice Plus products, I only recommend changing your attitude, not changing the products.

The first rule to feel good is that of sincerity, do not lie to yourself, why do it.

This is about your health and well-being in general, there is no need to tell yourself a sweetened truth, this is about being honest and loving yourself.

So yes to Juice Plus, yes to the tutor, yes to the detox diet which is essential for losing weight, because fruit and vegetable supplements certainly won’t make you lose weight.

Don’t be afraid to ask for a hand, don’t be afraid to pay for quality products.

Someone will tell you that Juice Plus products are expensive. In a month, each of those products will cost you a little more than a coffee and certainly much less than what you would pay for a complete meal to prepare.

Be wary of those who have opinions on everything, you choose to deepen a topic without letting yourself be influenced by the negative experiences of others.

You are you.

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