Is it possible to eat pizza on a diet? that’s how

Is it possible to eat pizza on a diet? that’s how

You want pizza but you are on a diet.

Pizza on a diet can easily be your weekly trick, and many Italians do not give up on Saturday pizza, which for some is a real ritual. But if you are not careful it can also severely limit your weight loss results.

In general, many nutritionists or dieticians allow you to eat pizza once a week, but the problem with which this habit can make you skip the diet is often due to the choice of pizza and what you eat “as a side dish”.
Other people then complain of not being able to support themselves all week waiting for the fateful pizza.

Here’s how to eat pizza on a diet without compromising these results.

How to eat pizza on a diet?

  1. Pay attention to the choice.

    Il problema della pizza che mangiamo fuori è la scelta sia del giusto impasto che degli ingredienti.
    Una pizza rotonda pesa in media 300 grammi, in particolare la pizza napoletana.
    Quella con la pasta più sottile può arrivare a 250 grammi, ma è sempre meglio abbondare che andare in difetto.
    Prendiamo per buoni i 300 grammi dell’alimento cotto e completo.

  2. Le calorie della pizza sono le seguenti.

    Pizza marinara: 240 calorie ogni 100 grammi di prodotto cotto e finito. Una pizza marinara media fornisce quindi 720 calorie.
    Margherita: 270 calorie ogni 100 grammi*, dunque in tutto 810 calorie.
    Pizza capricciosa: 320 calorie ogni 100 grammi*, dunque in tutto 960 calorie. Fate mille.
    Ai 4 formaggi:  330 calorie ogni 100 grammi*, dunque in tutto 990 calorie. Idem come sopra.
    Altre pizze si attestano intorno alle 300 calorie in media per 100 grammi di prodotto cotto.

  3. Come calcolare ancora più correttamente le calorie della pizza.

    In addition to always considering the total 300 grams, for safety, it is also advisable to add 150 extra calories for all the pizzas from the margherita onwards.
    Reason? A little extra oil or mozzarella or grated cheese for the generosity of the pizza chef should be considered if you eat pizza on a diet. So, for example, a Neapolitan margherita pizza reaches 1100 calories, especially if it appears rich.

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