Thyroid Problems, Anxiety and Stress? Try eleutherococcus

Thyroid Problems, Anxiety and Stress? Try eleutherococcus

Today I want to talk to you about eleutherococcus , a root with an unpronounceable name (at least for me, but we can save ourselves by calling it Siberian Ginseng ) which is nothing more than a plant with adaptogenic properties , that is a plant that allows us to gently modulate our response to physical stress , to fatigue and anxiety, and that in particular it is useful for those who experience with stress also a strong sense of tiredness both from an emotional point of view and from a mental and physical point of view.

People with underactive thyroid problems , hypotension and fatigue from stress and frenetic rhythms, but also anxiety problems, can find a lot of benefit by taking this shrub in extract, in macerate, in mother tincture or in the form of herbal tea. Eleutherococcus is also a valuable aid for dieters , because it reduces the stress load of a low-calorie diet, and manages to “wake up” those who feel tired, fatigued and unmotivated. For this reason it should not be taken concomitantly with exciting substances. I use glycerine macerate in an herbal tea in the morning or early afternoon, especially in periods of fatigue and seasonal change, and I find that eleutherococcus is perfect for women with underactive thyroid problems.a problem that is becoming more and more frequent in the female population , perhaps due to stress, drastic diets and a diet that is too rich in industrial foods, which in the long run interfere with hormonal health. Eleutherosides , substances present in the plant, gently stimulate the endocrine glands, rebalance hormones, help in case of cycle problems, premenstrual syndrome.

L’eleuterococco un’azione positiva sul sistema immunitario ed è perfetto anche per chi fa sport, perché aiuta il recupero muscolare e permette prestazioni migliori, inoltre ha un effetto protettivo del fegato (epatoprotettivo) e ci sono studi che testimoniano la sua efficacia anche in caso di steatosi (fegato grasso) alcolica e non alcolica e ha la capacità di regolare la glicemia, ovvero ha un’azione ipoglicemizzante (fonti)
Si consiglia di non superare le dosi consigliate dei vari preparati, ma la scarsa tossicità dell’eleuterococco makes it contraindicated only in cases of hypertension and hyperthyroidism, but care must still be taken when taking drugs: for example for diabetes, for blood pressure, for the thyroid gland or anticoagulants.

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