How to find out our ideal weight and our conformation

How to find out our ideal weight and our conformation

How to understand what our ideal weight is? And how to understand what our physical conformation is, and therefore what health risk we have, depending on our conformation, in case of overweight? Looking in the mirror is always the simplest option, and especially if we are looking to improve our body composition, so we play sports to improve our lean mass percentage and reduce fat, relying on the scale alone is not the option . improve.
In short, one thing is weight, another is weight loss, or the progressive reduction of fat mass

Having said that, since you often ask me for tables to evaluate the ideal weight for your constitution according to the BMI, I provide you with these tests published at the center: in their home, a very simple table allows you to immediately evaluate the your BMI by clicking here. 
To understand our type of physical conformation , especially if we are women, then understand if we are androids, ginoids or regular as physique, and to correlate, in case of overweight, the risk of diseases to our conformation, here is a quick test of them: calculation biotype .

Finally: do we want to understand if we are following a correct diet? Here is their food test to find out.

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