Is alkaline water safe for drinking? Here’s what you need to know

Is alkaline water safe for drinking? Here’s what you need to know

When we talk about alkaline water we refer to a specific type of water that has a pH greater than 7. On closer inspection, almost all bottled waters are characterized by an alkaline pH, even if they can differ according to the fixed residue. and the characteristics of the minerals present inside. Ionized water is the alkaline water par excellence: it is purified and then processed with a device called an ionizer.

How alkaline water is obtained

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Alkaline, i.e. ionized, water is filtered and then subjected to a controlled electrolysis process . To have this type of water, it is exposed to a current characterized by low voltage. The current passes between two electrodes made of titanium – a positive pole and a negative pole – and which have a titanium coating, immersed in the liquid inside an insulated chamber. Due to the effect of ionization, the cations are separated from the anions, and so there are in the end two types of water: an alkaline, ie cathodic or reduced, which derives from the concentration of positive ions (cations) around the negative electrode; an acid, that is anodic or oxidized, which derives from the concentration of negative ions (anions) around the positive electrode. 

The effects of alkaline water on the body

But what are the benefits of alkaline water ? Its intake guarantees multiple benefits to the body, starting with the possibility of slowing down the onset of osteoporosis. The merit is of the calcium ions, thanks to which this type of water helps to balance the acidification processes, in order to counteract the side effects that arise from this mechanism. Furthermore, drinking alkaline water helps prevent the onset and evolution of degenerative diseases : this happens because this water fights the harmful effects due to free radicals that are produced as a result of metabolic processes and pollution.

Why drink alkaline water

Consuming alkaline water also helps prevent gastritis, as it makes the gastric mucous membranes less acidic. Furthermore, this product is a valid ally against infectious diseases, since it acts against excess acidity in the human body, a condition that can favor the multiplication of pathogens on which most infectious diseases depend . In a diet aimed at losing weight, alkaline water certainly does not hurt, but this does not mean that it promotes weight loss by itself.

Alkaline water during pregnancy

Alkaline water is always suitable for pregnant women . During gestation, in fact, water characterized by a low and slightly alkaline pH should be consumed, since the future mother needs to replenish the substances that it gives to the amniotic fluid, which is basic, necessary for the fetus that must grow . Another reason why it is useful to drink alkaline water if you are pregnant has to do with its ability to reduce the feeling of nausea that in most cases is experienced between the moment of conception and the date. of childbirth: sensation that derives from the lack of basic elements. In any case, the water must guarantee a fixed residue that is not too high, so that 250 mg per liter of minerals are not exceeded.

Alkaline water and the alkaline diet

We talk about an alkaline diet to indicate a diet that tends to favor the consumption of alkaline foods instead of acidic ones. Among the former are legumes, nuts, tubers, fruit juices and fresh fruit; the second group includes cheeses, meats and cereals. The prerequisite of the alkaline diet must be identified in the belief that a diet characterized by a high content of acidic foodsit can damage the acid-base balance of the human body, causing the loss of magnesium and calcium, essential minerals found in the bones. According to the alkaline diet, it would be advisable to consume between 70 and 80% of alkaline foods every day. The alterations caused by an excess of acidic foods would be the cause of a moderate level of chronic acidosis , which in addition to influencing an overall feeling of malaise can be a predisposing factor for various pathologies.

Who should take alkaline water

Alkaline water can and should be consumed by everyone, but if we examine the benefits it generates, it is clear that there are some categories of people who can benefit more from it. In fact, it helps to reduce fat deposits and cellulite , and therefore can help you lose weight, obviously in the context of a healthy lifestyle. Certainly, acidosis is a factor involved in overweight and the appearance of cellulite; it can be fought precisely through the intake of alkaline water . In any case, it is always advisable to ask your doctor for advice on which water to take , based on the characteristics of your body.


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