All the benefits of red wine vinegar

All the benefits of red wine vinegar

Red wine vinegar is an ingredient that is as ancient as it is precious and irreplaceable in every home.  

There are many virtues and benefits that its consumption brings, enhancing the taste of the dishes and positively influencing the general well-being. 

Good for the body and the palate, red wine vinegar should never be missing in the kitchen. 

It is undoubtedly one of the best known and most consumed vinegars both in Italy and in European countries that grow vines and is obtained from the fermentation of wine generated by the action of Acetobacter bacteria which, when they come into contact with the air, cause the oxidation of ethanol present in wine, transforming it into acetic acid. 

The process that the wine undergoes to turn into vinegar is essential to understand how a good vinegar depends a lot on the quality of the wine chosen at the beginning and on the technologies used in processing. 

Why use red wine vinegar 

Red wine vinegar is a light and tasty condiment that enhances the flavors of the dishes, under the banner of creativity and innovation. 

From salads to grilled vegetables , from meat to fish and marinades, there are countless uses allowed and it is always possible to experiment with new solutions to give liveliness to the most common dishes and characterize them with a particular and intense aromatic note with a strong, acidulous and decisive character. 

Free of fat and excellent as a disinfectant for the throat and for the oral cavity, wine vinegar is recommended when following low-calorie diets and can also be used as a natural preservative, because it lowers the pH of foods and protects them from deterioration, keeping them unaltered for longer. 

The use of vinegar is essential in the preparation of many recipes of Italian cuisine, from pickled vegetables to marinating fish or meat, an ideal treatment for flavoring everything before cooking on the grill. Furthermore, you cannot forget to use vinegar to blend the dishes in the last phase of cooking; excellent alternative to wine, it manages to balance acid and sweet notes creating perfectly balanced dishes.

The best vinegars are organic ones 

The best Italian vinegar factories are increasingly careful to combine traditional methods with the most advanced and innovative technologies inherent in production processes to create finished products of excellence in quality and flavor.

Particular attention is reserved for the use of organic raw materials, derived, in the case of wine vinegar, from grapes of certified origin.
The increasingly careful selection of raw materials according to rigorous criteria that together guarantee sustainability and quality, has also led to a diversification and expansion of the condiments offered on the market as excellences of Made in Italy. 

Pomegranate, rice and coconut vinegar were added to the classic wine and apple vinegars, all perfect specialties to try in the kitchen to illuminate dishes with a particular and slightly exotic tone, capable of putting taste and creativity back into play . 

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