Intestinal diet with a book by Dr. Pier Luigi Rossi

Intestinal diet with a book by Dr. Pier Luigi Rossi

It is called ” The intestine: the sixth sense of our body ” and is the new book by Dr. Pier Luigi Rossi.
Dr. Rossi is a nutrition specialist, doctor and inventor of the molecular method to lose weight and stay healthy and has been studying the microbiota and its relationship with body fat and health problems for years.

The new book reveals the secrets of an intestinal diet to regain a healthy weight, and is published like the previous ones by Aboca Edizioni.

You can buy it starting from September 19 or book for purchase here, for 14 euros on Amazon:  The intestine, the sixth sense of our body. Conscious and biochemical nutrition of joy .

We will see how food is absorbed and assimilated in the intestine and the effect that different foods, or their combination, have on body weight , body fat formation and weight loss.

In more detail, we see the salient points of Dr. Rossi’s book and the concept of “intestinal diet”.


  • The intestinal diet book offers easy and intuitive diet plans to get back to a healthy weight and improve your health, with useful information to customize the patterns. In the first part , Professor Rossi explains the effects of an incorrect diet on the intestine, on adipose tissue and on the brain, as well as on various organs such as the liver and heart. In the second part we talk about the conscious eating method. The different schemes for a bowel diet are listed. In particular, here are the main diet programs that we can find in the book.
  • the molecular method of intestinal rest for omnivores, 
  • the molecular method of intestinal rest: ovo-peach-vegan
  • conscious fasting
  • fermented foods and the biological-nutritional role of spices
  • dietary schemes to be chosen based on personal clinical conditions and food traditions.

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