The zero calorie fiber that will replace fat

The zero calorie fiber that will replace fat

It’s called SenseFi and it’s a new zero-calorie fiber that can be successfully used in the food industry not only to reduce the glycemic load of foods, but to replace fat in preparations.

This special fiber, in fact, is made of a colloidal and viscous substance obtained from the wood of trees, and works as an emulsifier even if it is similar to cellulose.

It can therefore be used to give creaminess to ice creams, puddings, spreads, seed or dried fruit creams, industrial sweets and other preparations, completely replacing the fats but without altering the taste.

The exceptional discovery is Norwegian, apart from the Borregaard company which holds the exclusive patent.
In this way it will be possible to find fatty foods without fat, but richer in fiber. And with a zero-calorie product.

Good or bad? That sounds like good news .
Especially taking into account that the quality of fats used in industrial products and chain catering is often poor and from sources directly linked to a greater risk of obesity and inflammatory diseases , as in the case of hydrogenated fats.

Think about cooking with zero-calorie butter, or eating hazelnut spread with half or a third of the total calories but the same flavor, or chocolate chip cookies or diet fries.

But not all fibers are the same, and a share of fat in the diet is necessary , even if minimal, to allow us to absorb the fat-soluble vitamins and to allow us to have a good functioning of the hormones, and therefore a good metabolism.

Beyond the controversy between good fats and bad fats, it must be considered that not all fibers are positive for health: a lot depends on our microbiota, and on which affection they can therefore cause in the intestine.

Many fibers added to products can in fact cause inflammation and excessive fermentation. 

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