The healthful diet costs more

The healthful diet costs more

scartociboI had already talked about it in this article , where I listed all the foods that are cheap and healthy: going on a diet costs money, and doing a proper diet, favoring the use of real whole-grain products, fruit and vegetables, fish and meat , derivatives of soy and milk alternative drinks we buy from organic costs a small fortune.  According to this research , three times more than traditional products and junk food(pizza, fine snacks, sugar-filled cereals, poor quality baked goods). In short, if we go out and have a hamburger that costs one euro, there will be a reason for that low price, in spite of the cent grammes of wild salmon that can even exceed ten euros from organic products. If the pizza by the slice is cheap, it is because it is made of double zero flour, cheap tomato sauce, mozzarella paste (not even real mozzarella). With the same amount as the pizza, I wouldn’t be able to get even a fruit juice from organic products. Worse if we turn to diet products: low GI products, diet baked goods, etc., also cost five or six times more than their traditional variants. Protein pasta or wholemeal spelled pasta can cost three euros, compared to seventy cents for white pasta. Now: if I were to think of the person, mother or father of a family, who has to take care of the shopping of four people, I certainly wouldn’t imagine him being organic if he has a job like everyone else.
We are in the midst of recession, and perhaps not even work can guarantee us. However, precisely because we are poor we are also fat: the food that hurts us the most, the one that makes us fat the most, is cheap 

But is it really only like that? What can we recommend to those who want a healthier lifestyle for themselves and their loved ones?
I recommend this. Cooking, even with leftovers, as they teach here . Plan your meals. Spend at least one day cooking and freezing the portions you will need for the whole week. Give preference to the local. Fruits and vegetables from the greengrocer or supermarket, which we have to clean and cook ourselves. Legumes that we must know how to boil and freeze and that we can eat even three to four times a week. Egg. Sheep ricotta. Low-quality fish such as mackerel or cod or sardines and anchovies in oil, very useful for flavoring vegetables and rich in omega3.Attend buying groups or find out about organic opportunities to enrich our diet without depleting the wallet.

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