Importance of nutrition in old age | Old nutrition:

Importance of nutrition in old age | Old nutrition:


As we know that nutrition old age is a very critical age in this age, rate disease is high. So, nutrition plays important role in this age. As we know that aging is an inevitable process. So, in this age good health is most important. In this age this nutrition fights with chronic and temporary diseases. So, this article will give you complete information about nutrition in old age. In this article I will discuss about Carbohydrate in old age, Protein in old age, Fat in old age, Supplements in old age, Minerals and Vitamins in old age, Vegetables in Old age, Fruits in old age, and Water in old age and Diseases in old age. This article will focus on old nutrition instead of importance of nutrition throughout the life. If you want to know about nutrition throughout the life, then click on this link and visit our article about Importance of Nutrition:


Carbohydrate in old age:

As we know that carbohydrates are important for energy in our body and used as staple food. So, we should choose wisely carbohydrates, because they give dietary fibers, sugar and starch. In some cases when older adult suffer from diabetes then we should avoid to use sugars. In this case we can use dietary fibers.

Recommended dose of carbohydrates in older age is 45 – 65 percent. We can say that about 130 gram carbohydrates should be consumed in old age.

Protein in old age:

In older age growth will stop. So, protein is used for energy purposes, somewhat it is used to cure diseases. In this age kidney function stops, so, minimum amount of protein is recommended. In this age only essential protein is recommended.

Recommended dose of protein in older age is 10 – 30 percent. We can say that about 10 – 30 gram protein should be consumed in old age.

Fat in old age:

Older age is a critical age to fight against diseases. In this age amount fat decreased. And high quality fat recommended in this age. Whole milk is recommended in normal condition. In the case of diabetes amount of fat decreased.

Recommended dose of fat in older age is 20 – 30 percent. We can say that about 20 – 40 gram fat should be consumed in old age.

Supplements in old age:

Supplementation is most important in old age, because minerals and vitamins are required in excessive amount during old age. Immune system is slow during old age. So, medication and supplementation plays important role to cure diseases. But always remember, we should use supplements according to recommendation of a dietitian.  In this age vitamin D, calcium supplements, vitamin B12 supplements are most important. We should give prefer to food as well as to fulfill needs we should use supplements.

Minerals and Vitamins in old age:

As we know that vitamins and minerals plays important role in immune system and improve it. So, in old age Immune system is very weak so in this age vitamins and minerals are most important.

Daily recommendation of calcium in old adults is 1200 mg per day.

Daily recommendation of vitamin D in old adults is 1000 mg per day.

Daily recommendation of Vitamin B12 in old adults is 3 mg per day.

Vegetables in Old age:

In this age we should use vitamin rich vegetables, Vegetables that contain vitamins and minerals. Some recommended vegetables are given below:

  • Tomatoes
  • Citrus
  • Kiwi
  • Cabbage

Fruits in old age:

As it in old age fruits also plays most important role. We should use adequate amount of fruit in old age.

Diseases in old age:

Some most common diseases in old age are given below:


If your weight is higher than your ideal body weight then you are obese or over weight. It is most common problem in old age.


Osteoporosis is a disease that causes your bones to be brittle due to the degrading bone density. The minerals and calcium deposits from the bones are being depleted in this disease and there is a high risk of developing bone fracture. Bones become weak and there is a higher risk of bone breakage. It is most common in elderly people especially in the menopausal women in which the ovaries partially become non-functional. Bones that commonly break include the bones of spine, forearm and hip. Chronic pain and a decreased ability to carry out normal activities may occur after bone breakage.



At the end in the light of above discussion we can say that old age is most critical age. Healthy nutrition is very important for healthy life in this age.


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