The 5 best headache remedies

The 5 best headache remedies

Headaches can be of different types in terms of symptoms and origin, consequently the remedies must also be aimed at correcting the triggering cause. In Nature, fortunately, we have more resources

The 5 best headache remedies

There are many headaches, of various types and of various causes above all c efalee, neuralgia, migraines , sinus headaches, headaches from stress and fatigue, headaches from indigestion.

It is not always easy to understand which is the most suitable remedy , often a generic anti-inflammatory or painkiller is taken to be able to find relief from a pain that limits our activities, both physical and mental.

In naturopathy the cause is always sought to correct any wrong styles and above all to identify the right solution that can lead to an effective and non-palliative response.

Here are 5 answers to various types of headaches, easy to use and respectful of our general well-being.

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Fight headaches with Peppermint essential oil

Mint essential oil has refreshing and analgesic, antispasmodic, digestive, carminative, febrifugal properties .

It is indicated in case of tiredness , difficulty concentrating, headache, fever, digestive disorders, nausea.

Mint essential oil is rich in ketones , which is why it must be used carefully and above all in moderation . Wash hands thoroughly after use and do not touch eyes or mucous membranes.

Its menthol content applied to the skin has a stimulating effect on the nerve endings with a cold effect.

In case of headache we can apply two drops on the temples and forehead, well away from the eyes to be massaged gently and one drop on the back of the hand to breathe to send a message from the olfactory system to the central nervous system.

It helps to lighten the thoughts to relax the frontal and parietal part , and to decongest the respiratory tract through inhalation.

Fighting headaches with magnesium

There are studies that have shown that in cases of migraine and headache a condition of hypomagnesemia has been detected .

Consequently, it was experienced as with the integration of magnesium at daily dosages of 600mg it was possible to arrive at a reduction of painful episodes in the head.

Even those forms of headache that envelop the head from the neck to the eyes find improvement with the daily intake of magnesium , which for chronic subjects represents a preventive measure .

Fighting headaches with willow

Muscle-tension pains in the head, migraines, headaches from colds can benefit from the use of willow bark , rich in salicin , with analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, antirheumatic properties .

Willow is indicated for headaches, muscle aches, fever, flu and back pain. We find it on the market in dry extract in capsules for an easier intake.

But be careful it is contraindicated to those allergic to aspirin, to those suffering from gastric reflux and to those who are undergoing a treatment with anticoagulants

Fighting headaches with turmeric

Do we have a headache from indigestion? It generally takes the right side of the head and pervades us like a semi-helmet.

It would be enough to massage and heat the liver to alleviate this symptomatology but in any case we can act on the digestive tract with an eupeptic and hepatoprotective anti-inflammatory such as turmeric .

Its active ingredient, curcumin , has an anti-inflammatory effect, aids digestion and reduces the incidence of headache episodes.

The recommended daily dosage for it to be effective is 800 mg divided into two doses.


Fighting headaches with feverfew

The feverfew has flowers similar to daisy. It is a perennial herbaceous plant native to the Balkans and northern Africa, of which the leaves and aerial parts are used.

It has a prophylactic action against headaches , it is anti-inflammatory, spasmolytic, antiallergic. It is recommended in case of migraines and headaches, but also arthritic and rheumatic pains.

We find it on the market in the form of dry extract in capsules and often in phytocomplexes with willow and / or ginger.

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