I’m Kobu vegan supplements: the review of D come Dieta

I’m Kobu vegan supplements: the review of D come Dieta

I had recently spotted and spoken highly of a product of a company, I’m Kobu, and I decided to ask for small samples of their products to be able to talk more about it.
Let’s start by saying what I’m Kobu is , and why it piqued my interest from the start.


I’m Kobu is a company that produces vegan supplements, without GMOs, organic and without any additives, of various types, which meet different nutritional needs.

In particular, the company has specialized in natural supplements (in powder) based on superfoods, but with a very advantageous price quality. Among the superfoods we find pumpkin seed proteins, maca, wheat grass, chlorella, aronia, cranberries, baobabs, camu camu.

Depending on the product, these ingredients work in synergy to ensure a result.

Let me start by telling you that I have tried all the samples, and the first thing that struck me is the fact that they are very digestible , and that to have the desired effect the dosage is about a level teaspoon.


Considering that the smallest bag of these blends costs around 29 euros and contains 150 grams of superfood powder, with this price we cover the needs of one month.
To be clear, a single organic açai berry supplement costs around 20 euros per 100 grams.

For 29 euros, I’m Kobu supplies its 150-gram “ I’m Beauty Berry ” which contains açai, aronia, blackcurrant and cranberries. Therefore greater effect and less expense, because the so-called superfoods cost, and if we wanted to buy them individually we would make a triple expense. Here in my opinion here are money well spent.

Vegan proteins, on the other hand, which were the first article I recommended about the best vegan and organic protein powders , are the most expensive having a higher dosage per bag (500 gr), with a price of around 39 euros. Higher than the so-called “top of the range” for vegan protein powders, such as SunWarrior and Garden of Life.
In short, it is necessary to establish how much to spend on quality and which ones we find best.

Considering both the high quality and the different mix of ingredients, the price is good enough for the blends we need from natural supplements of vitamins and minerals plus antioxidants. For protein powders, it is slightly expensive even if I justify the price with the effort to give consumers a 100% healthy product in the raw materials and in their processing, and above all without additives. Which is very rare.


Few products, but good, all gluten-free, lactose-free and soy-free.
We have the product to purify us, the product to strengthen the immune system, the anti-aging one, the vegan chocolate protein for athletes, the product against water retention and the one to increase our energy levels.

Furthermore, I’m Kobu suggests specific combinations of products , from two to three, according to our needs.
For athletes, for those who want to detoxify, for those who want to reduce the action of free radicals, for those who want to lose weight or feel better. These powders can be mixed in Greek yogurt (recommended) or can be the basis of some recipes because they are also good in cooking. We can use them to enrich muffins, cookies, or make crepes or pancakes. They will also color them pink, very light green or light blue (very pale). Or in smoothies. They have very few calories, very little fat, and a good protein value.


The product that I liked the most is the I’m Detox Greens , truly a marvel for those who feel tired, have intestinal problems and want to purify themselves. I have tried such “green superfood” powders countless times, and for me personally they have always caused swelling. No problem with these. Another product that goes on an equal footing are the I’m Choco Pro
proteins . For the flavor, in my opinion the I’m Choco Pro and above all the I’m Energy Booster win , really good.

I’m Choco Pro vegan proteins have a good, mild, if just earthy flavor (but this is typical of vegan protein blends) and unlike many vegan proteins I’ve tried over the years, they are very digestible and give much less than that. dry appearance if mixed with vegetable milk or yogurt.

If I have intrigued you and you want to try the products of this company, I refer you to the site: https://www.imkobu.it/ .
On the home you will find a nice discount code!

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