Hoffman diet, the quick and easy diet

Hoffman diet, the quick and easy diet

It is called the Hoffman diet or the “salmon and salad” diet, even if the latter name is a bit simplistic.
This is a quick and easy diet created by a doctor, Dr. Ronald Hoffman , which includes foods to eat to your fill and very simple and intuitive portion control.
Dr. Hoffman, known in the United States for also having a radio program, speaks of his practice as “intelligent medicine”.

Let’s see what Dr. Hoffman’s quick and easy death is all about.

The Hoffman diet is a Mediterranean weight loss diet in a low carb key, which rewards foods naturally rich in omega 3, vegetables and legumes, while significantly reducing the consumption of carbohydrates to a few daily choices.
In this way, by eating your fill, you still lose one kg per week, but without reducing carbohydrates to zero.

There is no daily menu of the Hoffman diet, but a scheme with variations. Just choose a different option every day. Foods higher in complex carbohydrates such as pasta, bread or rice are limited to twice a week for the weight loss phase. Four for the maintenance one. Follow the Hoffman Quick & Easy Diet menu on page two .

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