I don’t get sick, review

I don’t get sick, review

I Don’t Get Sick, Nine Easy Rules That Extend Life, by Joseph Mercola. A natural health book that offers several insights into how to improve your lifestyle.

I don't get sick, review

“I don’t get sick” starts with epigenetics , a recent branch of genetic studies that studies the changes that affect the phenotype .

In David Perlmutter’s Foreword, we read that

” Epigenetic research reveals that our lifestyle choices (the food we eat, the supplements we take, the exercise we do and even the emotional content of our daily experiences) are elements involved in the orchestration of chemical reactions. that activate or deactivate parts of our genome , which will encode health-threatening outcomes paving the way for a disease, or create an internal environment conducive to longevity and disease resistance . “

Starting from this assumption, therefore, each of us would have the possibility to modify their gene expression and to change the fate of their health.

The title in the original language is: ” Effortless Healing. 9 Simple Ways to Sidestep Illness, Shed Excess Weight, and Help your Body Fix Itself “ which, translated into Italian, is ” Easy healing: 9 simple rules to avoid the disease, free yourself from excess weight and help your body repair itself “

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When Mercola speaks of Easy Healing he refers precisely to the natural tendency that every organism has towards the maintenance and recovery of the state of health.

Above all, the author exposes the risks of modern nutrition :

“ As many as 90% of the food Americans buy each year is industrial. Recently, during a typical vintage, 2,800 new sweets, ice creams, candies and snacks were introduced to the market against just 230 new fruit or vegetable products. Food vendors do a masterful job of making fast food and junk food seem a wise choice – they’re not very expensive and taste good. Thanks to them, dinner is ready in an instant, you don’t have to go crazy with vegetables to clean and cut, just put the package in the microwave and it’s done (frozen vegetables are the only exception, they can be a healthy alternative if for meteorological reasons or geographic there is little assortment of vegetables). 

It’s still..

“ What the food industry neglects to tell you is that you will pay a lot for choosing a bad diet . The abuse of these artificial foods, excessively processed, is among the main causes of the many chronic diseases present in the United States and in all industrialized countries. 

Joseph Mercola  points out that the consumption of junk food , in the long term, has devastating consequences on health while, on the contrary, a healthy lifestyle helps prevent the most common diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, arthritis and Alzheimer’s. He also insists on the need to invest time in organizing and preparing meals .

I don’t get sick contains numerous explanations that are very simple and within everyone’s reach on topics that are much discussed but on which there is still little effective knowledge.

For example, it provides the rudiments for understanding cardiovascular risk factors and exposes them in an elementary and accessible way to all.

Joseph Mercola’s tips for improving your lifestyle are 9 and they concern nutrition and lifestyle . Some are based on already well-known issues: drinking pure water, eating more preferably organic vegetables, eating fermented foods, not drinking sugary drinks , getting enough sleep … which, however, is always good to repeat and keep in mind, while others can be controversial, in the sense that they go in the opposite direction to the advice of other authors, an example above all that of skipping breakfast.

I don’t get sick is an interesting reading , insofar as it helps to reflect on the mistakes that are made at the table and on how to correct your lifestyle in order to stay healthier, for as long as possible.

The important thing, as readers, is not to fall into the trap of opposing natural remedies to conventional medicine, because natural remedies have a role and conventional medicine has another, but they work together and are both fundamental to staying healthy. 

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