Natural remedies for pharyngitis

Natural remedies for pharyngitis

Viral pharyngitis can be treated with natural remedies also used in synergy, which disinfect, soothe and protect the throat.

Natural remedies for pharyngitis

Pharyngitis is a disorder that affects the throat , especially the pharynx, with more or less intense inflammation.

It can be viral in nature due to flu , cold or in some cases it is attributable to a bacterial presence, with swelling of the lymph nodes.

The main symptoms of pharyngitis are sore throat and difficulty swallowing caused by inflammation of the part.

These may be accompanied by fever, enlarged tonsils, a lump in the throat , hoarseness , aphonia, fatigue.

The causes of pharyngitis are to be found in viral attacks of flu , but also unhealthy habits related to smoking and alcohol, smog, poorly ventilated environments, dust, air conditioning.

In less common situations, bacteria such as strep throat cause pharyngitis.

Pharyngitis: natural remedies

In the condition in which the pharyngitis is not bacterial in nature, for which the antibiotics prescribed by the doctor may be necessary , we can resort to some very effective natural remedies to disinfect and soothe the throat.

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Propolis for pharyngitis

For sore throats, of any nature, Propolis remains the most suitable remedy, especially if we use it in the spray format with the dispenser that arrives directly on the part to be disinfected. We can find it on the market in glycerine extract, for proper use without burning the throat.

Erisimo for pharyngitis

Erisimo , otherwise known as ” singers ‘ grass “, is a very useful remedy in case of pharyngitis accompanied by hoarseness and aphonia , because it takes care of soothing throat irritations. It also has expectorant and emollient properties.

We can find the erisimo both in herbal tea cut, and in hydroalcoholic extract . There are natural remedies that associate it with propolis to exploit its synergy.

Licorice for pharyngitis

Liquorice thanks to its glycyrrhizin component carries out an anti-inflammatory and expectorant action , particularly indicated in case of pharyngitis. It has antimicrobial and emollient properties.

We can take licorice both in herbal tea cut and in pure chunks , taking care not to exceed the dosages in order not to unbalance the potassium and sodium shares with pressure peaks.

Echinacea for pharyngitis

Echinacea is the friend plant of our immune system . It helps us to strengthen it, stimulating its activity.

Thanks to the presence of polysaccharides, glycoproteins, echinacea has antiviral, anti-inflammatory, bacteriostatic and immunostimulating properties. The Echiancea Purpurea in particular works very well in case of diseases of the oral cavity, cough, bronchitis, pharyngitis.

Bacterial pharyngitis: natural remedies are not enough

In the event that pharyngitis is due to the presence of streptococcus, let us surrender to the use of antibiotics , prescribed by the doctor.

Bacteria can be very dangerous presences in our body, so we avoid doing it yourself and follow medical prescriptions carefully.

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