Characteristics of the sign of Leo

Characteristics of the sign of Leo

Characteristics of the sign of Leo: a fire sign and is represented in Greek mythology by the hero Hercules. Strong, courageous and good-hearted he fights to become a God. Those born under the sign of Leo have many qualities and even some flaws.

Characteristics of the sign of Leo

Anyone born between July 23 and August 22 belongs to the zodiac sign of Leo.

Leo is a fire sign with great energy and good charismatic gifts. He loves being the protagonist , is outgoing and outgoing and acts in life with passion and enthusiasm.

This strength of his can often put him in trouble and being a bit self-centered, he tends too much to bring all the attention to himself.

Leo’s willpower is unwavering, he is ambitious, proud and loyal as well as being kindhearted and magnanimous. For this reason , Leo can have the qualities to be an excellent leader , a role he always aspires to because of his instinct.

Lion leader but proud

The Leo feels that he is a leader, a guide and a successful person and these are his goals and after all he has all the skills to be able to excel because he is intelligent, strong, tireless, courageous with a touch of elegance and charm that does not never hurts … the only flaw is to risk overdoing it and being overbearing because his superb and self-centered nature makes him feel better than others with the risk of abusing his power.

The Leo is also very proud and hardly admits that he made a mistake even if in general he makes very few mistakes to those who think him.

Leo has a weak point which is flattery , in fact when someone sings his praises, the lion’s vanity is so strong that he does not notice the deception and possible manipulation that is taking place behind the flattery.

So easy to deceive also because after all the Leo tends to be of a good nature, generous and loyal therefore the art of flattery and deception for some personal purpose is not in his way of acting.

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Leo and health

Leo is a sign that enjoys excellent health in fact it is strong and bursting with vitality from all pores. The musculature of the Leo is powerful and the build is usually well formed.

He uses his energy generously and puts a lot of passion into what he is doing . Sometimes, however, this enthusiasm for him leads him to exceed his energy consumption and then he gets too tired. 

The organs that are usually most affected in the lion’s somatization of stress are the pancreas, heart and spine.

The Leo will therefore have to learn to better control his energy , balancing the moments of work with those of rest and this will also reflect on a better state of the cardiovascular system.

Over the years, Leo also ages and the heart is one of the organs to be kept under observation together with blood pressure.

Leo and a sense of family

Leo is a fiery and excellent sign both in courtship and afterwards.  As a couple, the love of Leo is not platonic but very passionate and physical, even if at times it is too exuberant and theatrical in its affective manifestations. When he loves he does it completely and with all of himself.

Family and tradition are to be respected as well as loyalty within the couple.

He likes to amaze with surprises and important gifts both for the loved one and in a wider context such as among friends and closest acquaintances.

However, the thing that must be clear to those who love Leo is that he wants to be first of all admired and praised by giving love and protection on the other side.
Usually in a lion’s home there are many valuables that serve to amaze visiting friends and relatives. Furthermore, everything is in perfect order and the atmosphere of the house is always refined and elegant.

Lion symbols

The zodiacal symbol of Leo is represented by the silhouette of the lion animal and since ancient times it was linked to royalty and strength. In the mythology of Ancient Greece the lion was linked to the figure of Hercules the great hero born of Zeus and a mortal Alcmene. The constellation that gives the name to the zodiac sign draws the stylization of the tail of a Leo.

Leo is also associated among precious stones with gold or diamonds precisely because of its preciousness and royalty.

The color of the lion is therefore obviously yellow or gold .

The day of the week for Leo is Sunday, linked to the symbol of the Sun from which it takes its strength.

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