I can’t lose weight, why?

I can’t lose weight, why?

Once I had already focused on a very common problem, for those who want and even a little in a hurry to change their life and modify it to lose weight with a generic article on why you can’t lose weight as you would like and how do to change gear.

In this article, however, more specific I would like to give solutions to an equally common question:  I can’t lose weight, why?

There are several possibilities to ensure that our metabolism can get used to eating greater quantities and doses of carbohydrates in the morning, to give energy and to boost the metabolism and then gradually eat more vegetables and more proteins until the evening .

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The solution for a belly that does not lose weight

So the first thing to say about the difficulty in losing weight belly and hips is that belly and hips are really difficult to get off, especially if we eat the wrong diet, rich in carbohydrates like that of us Italians.

First of all we have to radically change our wrong habits , in fact, trying to eat carbohydrates and proteins for breakfast, in a perfect mix that accelerates our metabolic system such as a couple of toast with turkey breast or cooked ham or bresaola with a coffee .

For a snack you can try both eating a fruit or eating low-fat cheese with carrots or celery to accompany it.

At lunch the watchword is lean meat so yes to chicken, rabbit and fresh or frozen fish or eggs always accompanied by salad or raw or cooked vegetables without bread or pasta.

At dinner the protein rule applies as for lunch. Remember to abolish any type of carbohydrate after 9 am and then you will notice the difference.

It is clear that a diet so rich in proteins could combine even moderate physical activity to do well, indeed very well, a couple of times a week.

Even just a long walk from leaving the car to go to work could be a nice solution. Or even stop taking the elevator and start walking up the stairs to get home or go up to the office.

In short, small things to feel better with yourself, with your mind and with your body.


We have asked ourselves very often the question of why it is not possible to lose weight but we have hardly come to a solution that could be universal as these daily instructions that I have given you that are certainly not so difficult to follow.

I know bread, I know pasta, but you can still eat plenty for breakfast without weighing yourself down for the rest of the day.

But you have to give up something to feel a little fitter, right?

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