Calorie Calculator: How to Calculate Your Daily Calorie Need for Weight Loss

Calorie Calculator: How to Calculate Your Daily Calorie Need for Weight Loss

If you are confused that  calorie counting works  then I feel less alone.

Some people are very insistent on counting calories because they argue that losing weight is often based on the concept of calories ingested or calories eliminated.

Still others believe that calorie counting doesn’t work and often leaves people heavier than when they started. Both sides, moreover, argue that their ideas are supported by scientists, which in this case only makes things more confusing.

This article only tries to give some answers with a critical look at things.

Let’s first see what a calorie is.

What is calorie

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What is a calorie?

A calorie is defined as the amount of thermal energy needed to raise the temperature of one gram of water by 1 ° C.

Generally, however, this very scientific statement is never used in conversations. Calorie is widely considered to be the amount of energy the body needs to perform physical activities including breathing, thinking, and maintaining the heartbeat.

The amount of energy supplied by food is normally recorded in thousands of calories or kilocalories (kcal).

Kilocalories, I know, it’s definitely hard to remember and use, everyone just says calories.

How the body uses calories

If you are wondering how the body uses calories let’s see it together.

Let’s start with eating. It is in food that the body gets the calories it needs to function.

During digestion, foods break down into smaller units of nutrients that serve to provide energy, nourish muscles, and relieve fatigue.

Everything immediately.

The body will use food for 3 things mainly:

1. Basic metabolism

Your body will use more calories to perform basic functions such as providing energy for the brain, kidneys, lungs, heart, and nervous system.

The amount of energy needed to support these functions is called bastal metabolism.

2. Digestion

Your body will use some of the calories you consume to digest and metabolize the foods you eat.

This is known as the thermic effect of food (TEF) and varies based on the foods you eat using 10 percent of the calories

3. Physical activity

The rest of the calories are usually used for physical activity.

This includes both daily activities and workouts.

Obviously this number varies from person to person.

The trick is to eat less

Obviously, here I have scientifically explained to you what the calorie is for but what is the difference so that thanks to the calorie count we can lose weight?

Eat less, eat less calorie food, balance the food of the day.

Or, at least, you should understand what calorie needs your body uses. If you eat more than your body needs it is clear that you will get fat.

Of course, even eating less will lead to decompensation, our body will not be nourished enough.

I tell you these things because sometimes you don’t eat thinking that this is better, instead you should just eat well.

Does calorie counting work?

So does calorie counting work? Yes but it varies from person to person. This is the trick, always thinking about how we eat, how we metabolize what we eat, how much physical activity we do.

[diet]If you are considering modifying your diet  to lose weight , then you need to have complete control of your body’s activities and in particular you will need to know your daily calorie needs . This type of calculation , which can be done by both a man and a woman, could be complicated but the tool below will allow you to calculate the necessary amount of calories to be consumed daily 

What is the calorie requirement?

The daily calorie requirement also called BMR is actually the measure of the amount of energy, which is calculated in kilocalories, which our body needs to keep vital functions active. In fact, we are talking about what is needed, energetically, to make us live, from breathing to the heart to muscles in motion.

Obviously, part of this requirement is also used for physical activity that passes from the competitive marathoner to those who, on the other hand, consider physical activity to finish a crossword puzzle.

The measurement of the basal metabolic rate is usually considered only with the body in a perfect state of rest and fasting with a controlled temperature without peaks of heat or cold.

[sc name = “SLIMMING”]We must in fact think about all the elements that interact with the basal metabolism, starting from our body and external temperature, because this changes a lot.

Obviously it changes with age, with height, with weight, with what we are used to eating, it changes with respect to some diseases, chronic or disabling, with intolerances or with physical activity, more or less.

But now let’s see how it is calculated.

How is it calculated?

Calculation of daily calorie needs to lose weight: how it is calculated

The calculation is pretty simple if you follow this method:

FOR SEDENTARY PEOPLE : weight (kg) x 31 = daily calorie requirement

FOR MODERATELY ACTIVE PEOPLE : weight (kg) x 38 = daily calorie requirement

FOR ACTIVE PEOPLE : weight (kg) x 44 = daily calorie requirement

The result will be what you will need to calculate the daily calories to burn based on your metabolism.

Remember to keep in mind all the various factors that make the calculation very variable, we must in fact think that both internal and external agents make sure to change what the exact calculation is.

So let’s be careful with this calculation but always check the possible variables, the key is always the elasticity.

What is the correct need to lose weight?

We don’t need revolutions, we need the best way to lose weight well and to make our life better.

We must therefore not force our body with crazy diets and lager fasts but try to maintain a healthy regime with only 500 calories less a day to lose more than a kilo a week.

And this can be done without cutting out carbohydrates forever or eating gallons of water-filled cabbage soups. Just pay some attention and with some little tricks everything will be easier.

Let’s start with breakfast, instead of orange juice we drink water.

At lunch we try not to eat too much seasoned, just a teaspoon of oil and a little salt.

In the evening we don’t end up with a nice ice cream but with a cup of blueberries which are also antioxidants.

And no more chips as a snack, two pieces of carrots and go for a run.

Walk slowly, too, for half an hour if you want, this will do your metabolism great.

But most of all, it will do you good to feel good about yourself.

It is our life, it is what we would like to become, it is what we will be, it is who we are.

And with our strengths and weaknesses, we will always know, with some precautions, which could be the best way for us.

It takes very little, just eat little, just be attentive to the portions without exaggerating.

It is useless to think of making oversize portions, with large plates all to be filled. In fact, just a little food, a tennis ball of food, this is the right portion.

And our life, our meaning of life, is in balance.


Calculation of daily calorie needs for weight loss: conclusions

As you will have understood, in order to lose weight, it is essential to understand well what is the correct daily calorie requirement, which men and women need.

The calculation of the amount of calories that each of us needs, vary according to some individual factors such as gender, age, starting weight and what you want to achieve.

So to calculate how much we need to eat, we need to contact expert nutritionists or use tools like the one on this page.

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